Your Texting Limit


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I have unlimited with the Verizon family plan thing. But really, I mostly use AIM or Facebook.
I use to text a lot with my ex-girlfriend, but i broke up with her a few months ago. And now i don't do it a lot.


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I don't text message much, I use email and GTalk on my phone instead, which is a lot cheaper.


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Never text messaged, if it is what I'm thinking it is. It's the stuff you can do with a cellphone that's like email except you pay for it, right? Seems rather overrated; if I had a cellphone and needed to contact someone, I'd just call them; that was the standard usage for a phone when I was young. And we had to use phone boxes, too 3:

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Currently, I'm at about 0.052 or so per day.

Seriously, I hardly ever use my phone.