The Triforce Wiki is back!


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A couple of months ago, the Triforce Wiki went back up. ( Results May Vary wants people to know that he regrets his mistake, and that he was exaggerating him not liking the series anymore. So he runs the wiki again, and it know has a Discord server (

In case you do not know, the Triforce Wiki is an independent Zelda Wiki that tries to mostly adapt Mario Wiki writing standards, style, and policies.
Hi, I'm one of the main contributors to this project (as well as one of the main pushers for its inception), and I've been hard at work for the past several months getting pages (mostly for enemies) up to snuff.

Anyways, feel free to ask me questions.
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Yeah, I don't edit it that much. Scrooge200, RMV, and especially LTL and Doc do the most work.