(Inspired by StupidMarioBros1Fan's "Goldeneye With Mario Characters" & Giant Panda King's "Gotham 1919-1939")


(In the darkness of the night, the moon shines upon the lively streets of New Donk City. City goers of all sorts walk these streets, traveling to their work places, crossing the streets once the lights are red, fetching cups of coffee from Starkoopa and taking cabs among other things. Humans, toads, spikes, Koopas and other walks of life co exist with one another these days and nights)

(We turn our gaze to a two-story mushroom apartment. From within, the apartment appears to be alive, full of middle class furniture, Christmas decorations and star-shaped pictures. A lone elderly toad dressed in black pants and white work shirt sits on the dining table, staring at a picture, eyes lost in what seems to be nostalgia. He snaps back to reality when he notices a younger toad sit next to him)

Unknown:"Remembering those old times again Grandpabbie?"

(Grandpabbie turns to his right and sees the toad who addressed him, clad in beige pants and a red-green long sleeve Santa clause shirt as well as a red mushroom cap)

Grandpabbie:"Ah yes Mallow. I remember it as though it was yesterday, the day I stood next to the great heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom. My fellow compatriots... my friends..."

Mallow:"...So who are they? I can't help, but notice you've been looking at that pic for an awfully long time and you never told me about 'em."

(The old toad smiles as he gets up from the chair and looks into one of the boxes. He comes back with an album in his hands and sets it down on the table, producing a loud THUD)

Grandpabbie:"Ho ho ho, let's say they're the stars of one heck of an adventure. Greater than those cheap effects flicks you watch in secret."

(Mallow looks at his grandfather with wide eyes and an open jaw)

Mallow:"Wha-! did you know?!"
Grandpabbie:"Just because I'm old doesn't mean I'm blind or a crazy coot so close your mouth before you catch a fly! Now...let us begin our tale shall we?"