1. Greninja The Mario Karter

    How I Would Fix The Wii Exclusive Items

    My biggest problem with the Wii exclusive items is that they're just worse versions of already existing items. Personally, I prefer these items never come back, but if Nintendo did want to bring them back, I would like a rework for each of them. Mega Mushroom First up is the Mega Mushroom...
  2. Greninja The Mario Karter

    Mario Kart Wii Skits Episode 1: Haru Frees Herself From the POW Block

    I've been thinking about making a Mario Kart Wii Skits series. This first skit will feature Haru on her Sugarscoot escaping the POW Block. To those who don't know who Haru is, she is a CPU Mii featured in games like Wii Sports and Wii Party. Her nationality is Japanese, her favorite color is...