Mario Kart Wii Skits Episode 1: Haru Frees Herself From the POW Block

Greninja The Mario Karter

Greninja the Water/Dark Ninja
He, Him, His
I've been thinking about making a Mario Kart Wii Skits series. This first skit will feature Haru on her Sugarscoot escaping the POW Block. To those who don't know who Haru is, she is a CPU Mii featured in games like Wii Sports and Wii Party. Her nationality is Japanese, her favorite color is yellow green, and this is what she looks like. Note that the captions will be italicized.
Haru Mii.png

Haru: What a nice day it is to ride my Sugarscoot! As the name implies, this vehicle is oh so sweet!

Just then, a POW Block appears above her and wants to ruin her day. Here is the image of Haru about to receive the effects of the POW Block.
Screenshot (363).png
Haru: Oh no! Anything but the POW Block! What should I do to avoid this menace?

Just then, Haru finds a jump ramp just up ahead.

Haru: Wait a minute! I have an idea! I'm going to jump off that ramp so I can avoid the POW Block and keep my items and speed! This will be so cool!

Haru jumps off the ramp just as the POW Block reaches its third strike. Here is the image for when Haru avoids the POW Block.
Screenshot (364).png

Haru: Yee-ha! I avoided the POW Block by jumping into the air using that ramp! I am so lucky! Let's hope I won't have to deal with that nightmare again!

Haru gets 1st place and drives off into the sunset, hoping to never see the POW Block in races again.
Wait a minute why are you using Dolphin Emulator and why is it HD that's gonna slow the crap outta your computer.
I can send you some picture from my mario kart wii but it will be low quality and takes some time