mario & luigi

  1. J

    Music starting from phase 5 in the Mario Bros Game Boy Advance remake

    I knew the original Mario Bros came out in 1983, but the version I grew up playing was the GBA remake that was featured in the Super Mario Advance games and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. So, for the music in the Game Boy Advance remake of Mario Bros starting in phase 5, was this music...
  2. J

    Peach's Castle music in Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

    For the music played at Peach's Castle in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time, was the music to this tune originally from this game or another Mario game?
  3. Whittle

    Why I dislike BIS DX (WARNING: LOTS OF TEXT)

    Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. I'm not insulting anyone who likes the game, nor am I attacking those who worked on it. I think the Alpha Dream employees did the best they could given the circumstances of this game's development. I'm not a game designer, and I'm not going to pretend like I...