forum games

  1. Hero of Kvatch

    Make a mild edit of the above avatar

    Exactly what it sounds like. Put as much (or as little) effort as you want. It can be whatever from a color changed, to a simple mustache. but PLEASE keep it appropriate. If only I had an avatar to edit.
  2. Sogeking

    Shroomburg (Forum RPG)

    Intro Hello! This is Shroomburg, a Forum RPG/Roleplay where you can do (almost) anything you want! The name of the game is up to you. You can attempt to accumulate the most cash, run a business, shill for the Shroom, hunt for rare items, start a family, or just have fun! The game should be kept...
  3. Matz

    Mario Boards Talk Game

    So basically this is a Talk Game. When replying, you must use a sentence to say an action. (Mario themed) You must first assign yourself a role. (e.g. Kooper, Vivian) Example: Guy A: “I’m Wario.” Guy B: “I’m Toadette” Guy C: “I’m Funky Kong” Then: Guy A (Wario): “I bite Funky” Guy B...