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  • *sigh* it's that time of year again...

    the highlight of fall, a fun celebration with unique vibes...

    people have parties, make fun snacks...

    it's also the season of Pope John Paul II's inauguration, of Shaggy's birth

    but most importantly

    IT'S WOMBAT DAY!!!!!

    This time of year, we celebrate all things WOMBAT

    Fatso the Fat-Arsed Wombat brings you TIDINGS OF WOMBAT CHEER



    Friends and family send each other WOMBAT DAY CARDS



    People have frickin' WOMBAT DAY PARTIES and invite all their PEERS to come and have a GOOD TIME


    Today is the season to celebrate all things WOMBAT so get out there and spread the WOMBAT CHEER like CORONAVIRUS 🎉

    ...what's that there's some other holiday next week? no one cares
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    >this is a joke btw
    Shy Guy on Wheels
    Shy Guy on Wheels
    can interest you in the super secret hidden wombat board
    YES!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to get into that for years!!! 😂
    I carved a pumpkin today, gonna roast me up some delicous pumpkin seeds later. there I did Halloween
    my game arrived... I'm gonna open my Walmart preorder cards as I type this lol. and HOLY COW I GOT CASTLE BOWSER very fitting... also a bunch of the base cards like the talking flower YES.
    So I played with friends today, surprisingly smooth gameplay, very awesome. I have yet to play it in much depth, but so far so WONDERFUL.
    GUYS TODAY IS A VERY EXCITING DAY!!!! For the first time in 2,183 days, A NEW MARIO PLATFORMER CAME OUT!!!!! To commemorate this day, I present to on the everyone Boards the

    :mario: SUPER MARIO BROS. WONDER AWARD :mario:

    whew don't ask me how long it took to get the hex colors right but it's worth it!!! As a side note the N64 Switch Online controller is back in stock as well!! My game arrives very shortly and I invited some friends over to play, I just know this is gonna be a WONDERFUL game!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw Mario Wonder=peace ☮
    hey guys gamerant says the Wii was a hit when it was released in 2012 it sounds like quite the console
    the fun thing about living South Of The Border is you get to go to Canada for lunch and smuggle a whole bunch of Burger King ghost pepper ranch packets back into the U.S., there are NO Burger Kings within 200 miles within my country 😭👑🍔❌
    You know you aren't on top of things in the morning when you start eating your cereal with a fork
    Oh right Forza Motorsport came out yay! Might get it sometime and also FT thinks Apple should buy Nintendo, it's the stupidest thing I've heard today
    just realized my post count + reaction score= 500 wow... WHAT I HAVE EXCACTLY 100 LIKES TOO!!!!!!
    guys i have good and bad news. The good news: my earbuds are officially indestructible. The bad news: they had to spend 60 seconds submerged underwater for me to learn that, but a few electrical crackles later they worked fine I can't believe it 😁 I think they legitimately work underwater they stayed connected the whole time!
    Just preordered Super Mario Bros. Wonder from Walmart, can't wait to get the ELEPHANT MARIO CARD 3% chance
    ok so I was just looking for a sandwich bag, couldn't find one, so instead lit a gallon bag on fire to burn it down to size. plastic bags are flammable apparently and I almost set my house on fire but I got the desired product: a sandwich size bag
    Yeah that is the most safe and efficient way to get a sandwich sized bag...
    hey Nintendo plz make this your next Donkey Kong game it looks amazing I mean DK in a suit and tie?? Brawls with other kongs??? Escape to the real world????
    oh its world space week, the week where we celebrate space all over the world hmhmm 🙃
    Nintendo in Europe

    Nintendo in America

    which one is cooler
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    Walmart gives you a trading card pack, I just pre-ordered for that.
    Yeah at least other websites do cool stuff
    Gamestop gives you the stickers for your preorder, maybe a poster, I got a Kirby's Return To Dreamland Deluxe poster when I bought it the day it came out.
    Guys I have a good deal for you

    Oh wait that wheelchair is not HD at all its a scam
    A day at the races is always fun. While all yall are busy putting up your skulls and cobwebs, I'm going on vomit-inducing rides, eating deep fried chicken and watching beat-up car races for 100 laps as cars gradually spin out, roll over, and lose tires hahaha
    I feel like writing a review so here I go I just tried F-Zero 99. I was super excited for it and the 25 and 50-player tutorials worked great, but upon playing the actual 99-player game I wasn't impressed. It didn't function too much like an actual race and instead was kinda like a pushing battle between 98 other angry players, there was no real way to win except being pushed just the right way, and with perfect driving I consistently ranked below 60. Nintendo, carrying over the 99 concept into other games isn't always a guaranteed hit, I lost interest after like an hour. To me it just seemed like there was little thought put into it gameplay-wise and it was put together in the short time between the Direct and its release but oh well
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