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    What kind of lover are you?

    I like to do it slow and deep personally.
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    Who were your favorite presidents?

    I've no qualms saying what a **** Trump is. When your candidate goes into "Mexicans are rapists" and "Punch him in the face; I'll pay for your legal fees" and "grab her by the pussy" territory, I do absolutely think anyone supports him's a bad person. You just are, especially if you didn't agree...
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    Who were your favorite presidents?

    For real, probably Obama. He was a mediocre leftist at most, but he managed to get some semblance of healthcare passed despite constant republican bickering and filibustering. And being black man with a non-Anglophone name, although a sign of progress, really exposed many Americans' nasty side...
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    Who were your favorite presidents?

    Francois Mitterand
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    How far is the farthest distance you have ever been away from your home?

    In Austin, which is a bit shy of 7,000 kilometres away from my town.
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    If an intruder came into your home, what would you say, do etc.?

    Punch the **** in the face probably.
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    Who do you share a birthday with?

    Of the people I've actually heard of: Orhan Pamuk, Iggy Azalea, and Emily Ratajkowski.
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    how often do you curse in real life?

    I fucking swear like a fucking mad ****, me, and bollocks to whoever's around. I won't swear around people if it'll make my life so much easier not to, or if someone I care about asks me not to, but otherwise, I don't give a shit. Does she intentionally try to piss you off so that you swear at...
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    Real-Life Photos

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    Bob's Burgers

    Personally, as much as I like how it undermines some cliches and doesn't really on daft, dated stereotpyes, I just find it extremely boring and underwhelming. I can remember very few specific moments because I just felt constantly like I was waiting for something to happen. I seem to be in the...
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    Brexit discussion (EU referendum)

    I can't see having a man who thinks black people are inherently stupider than white people and East Asians and referred to Obama as "half-Kenyan" and having an "ancestral hatred of Britain" and that women go to univesrity to find men to marry as our foreign secretary going well at all. What...
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    Brexit discussion (EU referendum)

    I suppose, but I'm still finding it really hard to sympathise with all these people who voted leave who are now getting fucked over. Anyway, Corbyn's alright, and I'd prefer him to most of his contenders in the Labour party, but I really wish a lot of his supporters would fucking calm down...
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    Brexit discussion (EU referendum)

    Towns that voted overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the EU are among the first victims of post-Brexit manufacturing job losses. Last week Forterra, one of Britain’s biggest brick makers, said it would mothball plants in Accrington and Claughton, both in Lancashire, ahead of a potential downturn...
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    What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

    Oh fucking hell, that old song; they used to play that at school discos/birthday parties all the time when I was a kid. "Give it up" by KC & The Sunshine Band