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    What is your favorite Mario character?

    I know it's ironic because of my username, but I've always liked Luigi. :luigi:
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    Gold Flowers Ruin The Economy? [ Theory ]

    The Gold Flower. A flower that makes money out of nowhere, and makes any capitalist smile. But, is it ruining the Mushroom Kingdom's economy? Let's see. So, generating money out of nowhere would begin to cause inflation, which usually happens when the government prints TONS of money, like...
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    I'll Draw You A Mario Character!

    Hey guys, i'll draw you a Mario character, and send you it! [ If you want ] Tell me below! :luigi:
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    Theory! Boos And Shy Guys: Related? [ Warning Kinda Dark ]

    I actually don't know why I shared this CRAP. I didn't fully come up with the concept. So I just decided to share it, why? I don't know.
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    Theory! Boos And Shy Guys: Related? [ Warning Kinda Dark ]

    Me and my good friend came up with this. So, shy guys. We all know em'. But why do they have that mask? To conceal their identity would be obvious. What if, they're boo possessing masks left behind long ago, as relics of some sort? Here's the dark part. The boos are not normal boos, they're...
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    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    Mario 64 Sucks Mario Land Is The Best And That's Only TWO.
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    Who Do You Like: Mario Or Luigi?

    Mario Luigi
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    What's you favorite koopaling

    Ludwig, but Lemmy is really close.