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    Mario Kart = Canon ?

    Wait I'm confused. Mario Kart Cannon?
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    Whose your favorite Animal Buddy?

    Are Krockheads even buddies? I consider them more, helpful-by-accident badguys. Like Klubba. He is not on your side, but he helps you out.
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    Whose your favorite Animal Buddy?

    First of all, squeeks isn't a real character. They are both flapper. Secong, I chose Winky. He was awsome and shouldn't have been replaced by rattly. And then they go and get rid of all the jumping friends in the third one. After that would be rambie, who was replaced by a stupid elephant...
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    Mr. X

    Mwahahahahahha!!!!!Finally! You called me crazy. But I knew I was right. Mr. X is real. I can't find the pictures from the exact website, but I did get one of my pals from YLF to PM me them:[/url]
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    Filler characters

    *Gives topic the elexair of life.* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Well I may be 2 days late but..I am the newest member so hi. I'm sure we will all learn obey meI mean love me. :twisted:
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    Candy Kong and Donkey Kong Still Together?

    FUNKY ROCKS!!!! He might be ecen better than Cranky. :shock:
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    What happened to MLPiT?

    This game was all right. I give it 7 out of 10. For poor replay value, bad use of DS function, And it was WAY to easy. Beat in 3 hours. *But it was more challenging than Yoshi's story. 1 hour. Hotel room*
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    Favorite Baby

    Baby Bowser Rocks. But I also like Baby Mario, because he's the original, and nothing beats the original...EXCEPT PAPER MARIO 2!!!!!.
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    Bowser's kids

    NEVER!!!!!!!!!! Well..all right. But I didn't get that infromation from Lemmys Land. However, since were talking about sites, I'd like to advertise, Yoshi Lore Forums. But we are havind some difficultiys at the present time, so I wouldn't recomend going there right this second.
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    New DK game.

    WHAT!!!!!! I'M GOING TO BE IN THE GAME!!!!!!! *Teleports to future.*
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    New DK game.

    I believe is what you are looking for. Woot for: Diddy Kong Funky Kong Cranky Kong King K.Rool Kritter
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    Cranky/Donkey Kong

    Or the Donkey Kong then was an evil clone. That would explain why he looks different. *For full coverage, ask Paper Jordge. He will understand. I explain in part of our PM war.*
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    Candy Kong and Donkey Kong Still Together?

    Let's settle this with a PM War. The winner will be anounced later in the topic!!!!!
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    Candy Kong and Donkey Kong Still Together?

    Ooooooo MVD2... Well, I can answer that to. After the first MVD DK was mad so he kidnapped her to get back at Mario.