Mr. X

Yeah, sorry I didn't believe you. It's just that its kind of hard to discern whose real and whose false with guys like Mr. X, by the way, I added him to the [dkwiki]Beta Elements[/dkwiki] article on the DK Wiki. I also did find a picture of him, its at the bottom of the Beta Elements page.
The image sucks in quality, though.
Live with it :evil: Besides, its from a ten-year old German player's guide I found on a random website.
Nobody really knows, I guess he was a dropped character in Donkey Kong Country 2. Theres more info. at the [dkwiki]Beta Elements[/dkwiki] page in the DKWiki.
Not to be off topic, but, isn't Mr. X another name for Jolene, from Paper Mario 2? Because she was trying to keep her identity secret?
I never once saw a parody to King Kong in a DK game. I wonder if there gonna bring back Mr.X and K.Rool will blow him up 500ft in the air!

X is destroying Kong Island and DK must beat him by blowing up to that size and its like Ming Kong VS Godzilla!