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    Control the Throne

    Remember Invention #0 (I bet you don't) I tweaked it so that it can always attack you (it's like a sword) and you HAVE run away from the throne. My throne now. :P
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    Sonic Songs

    Then you can't go past *checks songs* *still checks* *more checking* OPEN YOUR HEART AND SEVEN RINGS IN HAND! I think
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    Control the Throne

    I use Cypher (Snake's B+Up) and then pick you off at a distance and get the throne.
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    Have you ever used a fake name when you had a substitute at school?

    I don't dare... But other people do... I'm left out. :(
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    Control the Throne

    I take a photo of you two. I charge $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and you can't afford it. You sell the throne and now it's mine. :P
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    Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors

    1337 (ITSELF!!!) It owns all people and languages
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    ...when it was already blown up... ::) I was about to blow up waffles when...
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    Drop something on the person below you.

    Catches it and throws Chuck Norris along with ChaosNinji. :o Ninji fell :(
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    Who here sucked at Melee but became good at Brawl?

    Brawl was similar to the original and not to Melee (well that was what I thought as I looked through both) Just that Brawl had better music, stages, more characters but all the level of characters were the same (they just attacked and left no room for you to fight back)
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    Is it just me, is is Ganondorf waaaaaay more powerful in Brawl than he ever b4?!

    Re: Is it just me, is is Ganondorf waaaaaay more powerful in Brawl than he ever About using the sword thing. He stole the sword from the sages (why would he want to use it?) The sword is (somewhat holy) and (could be held for ransom :P) anyway... Just my opinion.
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    What Final Smash do you have the most trouble avoiding?

    I could give a whole list on how to dodge them, I just need to work on them :P And Olimar's only does 30-40% initially while the explosion is just a finisher. SO really if you are not near the ship (remember, it lands in the middle) then typically you are well and untruly safe. While Pit's Final...
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    You Know You've Played Mario Games Too Much When... die and go to the Underwhere. *gasp* :o
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    3rd Mario & Luigi! :O

    YOUR OPINION!?! Meh. But what would it be called? Hmm...
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Worst Stage.

    It would be Hannenbow cause there is no music... :(
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    Best brawl song

    Not exactly because it can't talk or has no feelings... (unless if there is someway we can tell what it's thinking)