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I, TYROREXDMZ (hereafter also referred to as “DMZapp”, “I”, ”my”, and all first person pronouns) permanently and irrevocably waive any and all rights to Nintendo Co. Ltd (hereafter also referred to as "Nintendo", “Nintendo of Japan”, "them", "their" and "they") regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as any further post I personally make in this topic/thread, the GameFAQs version of this topic/thread, and/or any further dedicated topics/threads on any website, message board or discussion platform anywhere, including website types not mentioned or yet to be discovered/invented. I also waive any & all rights to Nintendo regarding images I personally create, alter and/or display in some way regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as the ideas the images convey. All loopholes which would circumvent the intention of this waiver (TO GIVE NINTENDO THE RIGHTS TO NEW IDEAS REGARDING PAPER MARIO SO THEY AREN'T LOCKED OUT OF SELECT PARTS OF THEIR OWN FRANCHISE) are closed.
WARNING! While this topic differs from the original game in many ways, at heart, it is still Paper Mario Color Splash. Therefore, DO NOT READ THIS TOPIC UNTIL YOU HAVE COLLECTED 4 OF THE BIG PAINT STARS IN THE ACTUAL GAME!

As many people know, early to bed, early to catch the worm. …Or, is it the bagel?
As many people also know, the people currently in charge of producing Paper Mario have a strange understanding of all the fundamentals of the RPG series. They seem enamored with weird thoughts as “puzzle-solving and humor is all that makes Paper Mario” (without considering other factors), “we don’t need two Mario RPG series”, and other details.

As you can see, I am not impressed on the producer and co- producer’s ideals. I don’t believe in limits that have nothing to do with technology or red tape, or “self-imposed” creative limits. If there’s nothing stopping one from doing something, and that something is a detail people want, there’s no reason to impose a fake roadblock.

So, to get into many people’s minds the full heart of Paper Mario, I am recutting another 8th gen Paper Mario. …or at least, half of it. This time, I’m going to split the topic into two acts. This is for easier readability, to give people content quicker, and because it’s taking longer than expected to complete. Act 1 will cover the first four Grand Paint Stars. Meanwhile, Act 2 (to be released later) will cover the second half of the game…and more. Basically, think Harry Potter 7 the movies, or the Hobbit “trilogy”.

As a reminder to the litigiously nervous (as well as Nintendo’s legal teams), here’s some links explaining just why that transfer waiver at the top (something rarely seen in fanworks) is even there. I hope neither side (but especially Nintendo) is subject to these various situations. (CTRL + F "For many years, Bradley")

Keep in mind- this is only my take on how to do a limitless version of Color Splash. Others have their own ideas on how to more completely tie Color Splash into Paper Mario. Such a detail is even more pertinent in re-iterating this time, as 1) at least three others across the internet have done at least concepts for how they would re-envision Color Splash (one of them on GameFAQs), 2) there’s more of a personal touch with this particular recut, as will become evident as it continues, and 3) due to a misunderstanding near the end of the prelude topic on GameFAQs.

OK- got that all off my chest. Here’s the boxart to Paper Mario: Color Splash Recut.

And for another piece of assaugance …HEEEY, pizannos! It’s Paper Mario Color Splash RE-cut!

His name is Paper Mario! Adventuring’s his game!
Traveling the world to keep all the fame!
When Prism Island is in trouble, he’ll be there on the double!
It’s no longer duller, as Mario splashes out some color! OOMPH!

Splash out some color!

You’re in for a treat, so hang on to your seat!
Enjoy a wild story with sensational feats!
You’ll meet Huey Shy Guys Aace, Peach and the others!
It’s no longer duller, as Mario splashes out some color! To the BRIIIIG!

His name is Paper Mario! Adventuring’s his game!
Went to Prism Island, despite all the rain!
Lend the people a hand, in that colorless land
He’ll make it less duller, as he splashes out some color!

The Koopalings and their Master are still misbehavin’
The Musketeers are plannin’ somethin’, Prism Island needs savin’
Misleadin’ and confusin’ everyone they both discover
They’ll get what they deserve, when Mario splashes out some color

Splashin' out some COLOR! Some COLOR! Some color. Some color...


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+Color Splash Recut makes more of an effort to restore all the missing staples of the Paper Mario RPG series, while also refining Color Splash’s new ideas.

+Partners return. While they still have overworld moves for new/reworked puzzles, they provide passive perks in battle.
+Mario starts the game with 20 HP, rather than 50. Enemy attack is recalculated accordingly.
++In addition to Paint, HP can also be leveled up by EXP. After filling the EXP Bar, Mario can choose to level up just HP (+10), just Paint (+20 of all colors), or both (+5 HP, +10 of all colors). He cannot pick the same option twice in a row, though.
+Mario uses less Paint in the overworld, while using slightly more in battle.
+Things are renamed "Artifacts".
++Artifacts are redesigned to look like Mario characters.
++While Artifacts are still used to unlock certain spots in the overworld, they're no longer cards. Instead, they're equippables.
+++Mario starts the game with 2 slots for equippable Artifacts. By the end, he'll have 8 slots. However, some stronger Things take up 2 slots.
++Due to the negativity it caused, the Fan Thing has been removed. Replacing it is the Fwoosh Propeller.

++OVERWORLD REWARDS: Coins, Normal Cards, Artifacts, Stat-Up Items
+Due to the heavier focus on battle gameplay, the damage most field obstacles inflict is dramatically decreased, usually to less than half their original strength.
+Partner abilities and obstacles are added, varying up the gameplay even more.

++BATTLE REWARDS: Coins (exact amount depends on enemy), Enemy Cards, Paint, EXP Hammers
+Damage numbers and exact enemy HP are shown in battle (though the amount of HP each enemy has is also still visually represent by how much they're "filled").
+Like the first two Paper Mario games and Sticker Star Recut, Mario can pick his target with most cards. This is even if he uses only one single-target card, such as Jump.
+Partners have a Partner Meter that can be filled using attacks. When the meter is full, the Partner unleashes their own power.
+Enemies summoned by cards no longer run from bosses. Instead, a new "mark" mechanic is implemented.
++Each card has a visible "mark" on it, pertaining to whom the enemy serves- the Koopalings, the Musketeers, and possibly other marks related to other ideals. Some cards don't have a mark.
++Unmarked cards can be used on any enemy or boss without ATK penalty. However, they're much weaker than marked cards (about x0.7)
++Marked cards, meanwhile, are much stronger and durable. However, for every enemy with the same mark on the other side, the summoned card loses x0.1 their ATK. Fighting against bosses, meanwhile, reduces their power further by x0.3.
EX1 A Slurp Guy fights 2 other Slurp Guys. The Slurp Guy on Mario's side has 7 ATK. All 3 are allied with the Koopalings. Therefore...
=(7 (1-(0.1(2)+0.3(0))))RNDUP
=(7 (1-(0.2)))RNDUP
=(7 (0.8))RNDUP
=6 ATK
EX2 A Dry Bones fights 2 Dry Bones, 1 Slurp Guy and 1 Musketeer boss. The Dry Bones on Mario's side has 8 ATK. All but the Slurp Guy are allied with the Musketeers. Therefore...
=(8 (1-(0.1(2)+0.3(1))))RNDUP
=(8 (1-(0.5)))RNDUP
=(8 (0.5))RNDUP
=4 ATK
+If non-card summoned enemies with opposing marks are in the same battle, they'll fight each other first. While this can be useful, enemies defeated by other non-card enemies do not drop EXP Hammers. In other words, in example 2, the opponent Dry Bones and Musketeer boss would back and forth with the solo Slurp Guy before fighting Mario, and vice versa.
+Nevertheless, to prevent enemy card bodyguarding the whole fight, there’s two other changes
++All allied enemy max HP drops to 1/3 normally, or 1/6 if the marks match.
++Bosses (and some enemies) gain splash effects to some of their attacks, allowing them to hit both Mario and the allied enemy.
+Enemy super attacks, such as Morton's Flame Hammer, are nerfed heavily. While they still drop a lot of HP, it's not to the point of forcing a single solution.
++EX Morton's Flame Hammer inflicted 48 damaged despite Mario blocking. Now, on top of other changes with Morton, the attack only inflicts 10 damage unblocked (assuming Mario has 25 HP at that point), and can be blocked.
++The change from Things to Artifacts means bosses have new, extra weaknesses to fill in the difference (though some Artifacts can be equipped to still exploit them). Alternatively, their battles are changed so they can be fought more fairly.

+Toads are not the only species on Prism Island. There are at least 4 others this time, many taking the place of the Toads. In addition, the NPC characters (including Toads) are further individualized by name, gender, age, and even clothing or apparel.
+PIANTAS (main series)-
+BRUSTACHES (DMZ veteran)-
+MEMPHAWKS (new-ish)-
+VELLBEX (new)-
+TOADS (main series) (adults, kids, both genders)-
+The Koopalings and their Master are not the only ne'er-do-wells on the island. Another villain force local to the island, the Prism Musketeers, pose a problem to every local citizen.
+Rather than a generic Toad, Toadsworth accompanies Mario and Peach to the island.
+Morton Koopa’s personality is altered to more closely match how he acted in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
+Several characters return from the original 3 games. In addition, other familiar and not-so familiar faces make a reprise.

+Unlike the original game, Color Splash Recut has more of an overarching story.
+Like the original 3 games, no-one ever acknowledges the world is made of paper, implying the characters don’t see it that way, even when someone undergoes a paper effect. Those lines of dialogue are replaced with similar, more relatable concepts.
+Regarding continuity, the original three games are canon to this recut. Regarding what comes after, meanwhile, though readers can get by with just the original Sticker Star and Paper Jam, Color Splash Recut considers the following as “what really happened”: the Recuts of the aforementioned two games, as well as two fangame topics called Wonder Journey and Relic Hunter.
++Because of all this, there are massive deviations from the original Color Splash’s plot, far more than the previous Recuts. As can be guessed, just the addition of the Musketeers means the plot drastically alters almost from the onset.

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didn't you make this topic already

E: nevermind


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didn't you make this topic already
Yes and no.

Yes- the previous topic was a prelude to prepare people for this topic. Also, to gauge their opinions on things including and beyond what other characters they'd like to see.
No- this topic covers stuff beyond the original promo material. That said, it will start out similar (due to most of the promo material being early levels).

Edit- it's cool.


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Well what are we waiting for? Let's begin this shindig!


Toadsworth is with Peach, rather than a generic Toad. He looks oddly sad, though.

Instead of another generic Toad, a Brustache’s top is folded in a normal letter.

Shy Guy
(all colors)
HP: 9
ATK: 3
DEF: 0
MARK: Koopaling

Slurp Guy (all colors)
HP: 11
ATK: 5
DEF: 0
MARK: Koopaling

Boosketeer (RECUT ENEMY)
HP: 12
ATK: 3
+The Boosketeer will cover his face. The direction of his saber determines his attack.
++DOWNWARD: The Boosketeer reappears after half a second. He then dashes at Mario.
++UPWARD: The Boosketeer reappears immediately. He then swipes at Mario.
DEF: 0
MARK: Musketeer
QUOTE 1: My blade is eternal, even if my life was not!
QUOTE 2: Contrary to your naivety, the saber is mightier than the brush!
QUOTE 3: How DO you groom that forest of hair?!
QUOTE 4 (little HP left): This Musketeer shall…never fade…

Toadmaster> Postmaster Peshi

+Upon making port…
TOADSWORTH [ ]: My dear fellows! We’re here!
NEWCOMER! Toadsworth
Toadsworth looks around.
TOADSWORTH: So this is the renowned Port Prisma. So peaceful. And…quiet. Eerily quiet… I must say, where is everyone?
Peach exits the boat with her umbrella.
NEWCOMER! Princess Peach
PEACH [ ]: Ah…it’s nice to be on dry land again. We…have come to right place, haven’t we? Port Prisma? I thought this was supposed to be a tourist destination, like our old friend said. It seems a little…quiet, don’t you think?
TOADSWORTH: It IS most peculiar. I even let them know we were coming. Quite rude, actually- I’d think a warmer welcome would more befit you, Princess Peach, as well as…
PEACH: Mario! We’re here! Come on out!
Mario rolls out in a ball.
PEACH: Oh! That WAS quite a storm last night, wasn’t it? You poor thing.
TOADSWORTH: Egad! Get yourself together, Master Mario! Show a little class, man!
Mario frees himself.
NEWCOMER! Mario [ ]
PEACH: There’s my Mario! Much better.
Peach looks at the letter.
PEACH: All right, let me just take another look at this…letter. Oh, I just can’t bear to think about what I’m really holding- the body of a colorless Brustache! The only clue we have is that he was postmarked here in Port Prisma.
TOADSWORTH: Don’t worry yourself, Princess. I’ve perused the Port Prisma guidebook, cover to cover. We’ll want to head to Prisma Fountain in the center of town. It’s a grand tourist attraction! From there, perhaps we’ll run into some locals who can help us.
PEACH: Sounds like a plan. But I’ve got a bad feeling about this place. Let’s proceed with caution.
+Upon finding the hammer…
TOADSWORTH: Finally, a stroke of good luck! There seems to be something up on that box. Master Mario, if you would, could you jump up there and check it out?
After doing so…
TOADSWORTH: Most excellent! This should make up for me…foolishly throwing your hammer overboard during the voyage. …Right? It should work like your old one. Try pressing B to swing it.


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+Mario, Peach and Toadsworth enter Town Square. It’s completely quiet.
PEACH: Wow, this is a real ghost town. This can’t be right. Are we sure this is Prisma Fountain?
TOADSWORTH: If memory serves me right, dear Princess, the fountain is...coughcough... “a glorious rainbow of happiness and joy.” But...yes, something is amiss. Perhaps there’s a Brustache or two in hiding I could question.

Toadsworth runs off.
PEACH: I hope Toadsworth is careful. There’s no mistaking the postmark on this poor Brustache’s was definitely mailed from Port Prisma. But who could have done such a thing?
Mario and Peach think.
PEACH: Maybe I forgot something the one who recommended this island to me said. You know- G-

Suddenly, a hatch in the middle of the circle-cornered hexagon rises.
PEACH: Look at that! Some kind of…plot device…just rose out of the fountain! Maybe you should take a closer look at it…
+After solving the puzzle, the hatch opens. It reveals Huey, sleeping.
After waking Huey…
HUEY [ ]: OW! What was that for? How would you like it if I whacked you with a hammer while you were sleeping?
PEACH: We're so sorry! It's just that...We thought you were a paint can. So we tried to open you up...
Huey stops shuddering around. However, he still looks miffed.
HUEY: Just- check what you two whack next time. Seriously- OWCH.
PEACH: Is there anything we can do to make things right?
Huey thinks about it.
HUEY:...Actually, now that I’m awake, you wanna grab a burger or something? Now THERE's something I wouldn't mind you hammering into my hole!
PEACH: Oh, um…We’re actually here to investigate a strange letter we received from your town. Only…it’s not an ordinary letter. It’s a Brustache…drained of color and postmarked from Port Prisma!
[After Peach and Mario introduce themselves…]
PEACH: And I also have a very wise and loyal retainer around here somewhere..Toadsworth-
Suddenly, Toadsworth screams.
PEACH: Toadsworth!?
TOADSWORTH: HALT! Away with you!
Huey hurries to the east exit.
HUEY: That didn’t sound good!
PEACH: That sounded like Toadsworth! He might be hurt or in trouble! We’re coming, Toadsworth!


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Worn-Out Jump

Target: One
Damage: 3 > 1 > 1 > 1 > 1

Target: One
Damage: 7 > 1 > 1 > 1 > 1

Worn-Out Hammer
Target: One (no shockwave)
Damage: 9

Target: One (no shockwave)
Damage: 14

Target: One ground enemy
Damage: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5

POW Block
Target: All ground enemies
Damage: 6, can stun

Target: Mario
Heals 15 HP.


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(After the battle...)
HUEY: Color me impressed! You’re a natural, kid!
PEACH: Oh, poor Toadsworth... Everyone, a moment of silence, please...
A moment of silence.
Suddenly, someone’s stomach rumbles...
HUEY: OH, WOW. I guess I’m hungrier than I thought. My bad.
Huey and Mario travel to Toadsworth’s side.
HUEY: You can do it, bud! Hmmm... Well, maybe that weird creature roughed him up worse than I thought. But no worries- he just needs a fresh coat of paint, and he’ll be as good as new.
PEACH: Really? You can revive him with paint? That would be a miracle! He...won’t come back as some kind of freaky zombie Toad, right?
HUEY: No, ma’am- he’ll be flowing with life, like you and me. That’s the power of paint! You see..paint isn’t just for regenerating Battle Cards... Paint adds beauty and life to this island, our neighbours, and even the world! So I’ve taken the liberty of loading up your hammer with all the colors of the rainbow. Go on- press X to give it a swing. Aim for your pasty friend here.
Mario revives Toadsworth.
TOADSWORTH: In a few moments, Toadette...huh. Bwah?
Toadsworth gets up.
Toadsworth jumps for joy.
TOADSWORTH: And I can feel my trousers! HuzzAAAAH!
PEACH: Oh, Toadsworth. I’m so glad you’re OK! Without your colors, you just weren’t the same.
HUEY: See? That’s the power of paint! Now, I’ve got to warn you. I gave you everything I’ve got, but it won’t last forever. If you want to keep on painting the world around you, you’re going to have to resupply from time to time.
TOADSWORTH: So...this shining lad here saved my life. I knew all my recycling would pay off one day. But, just in case we get ambushed by any more rapscallions with straws...where exactly are we supposed to find this magical life-giving paint you speak of?
HUEY: Easy. Remember that fountain... [...] ...all of Prism Island! We’ve got six Grand Paint Stars hooked up to the thing, and they’ll put out as much paint as you like. Plus, I mean... [...]
(Later in the conversation...)
TOADSWORTH: Quite right, Princess! So I suppose we just needed to jigger it back on, right? It was most dry when we got there.
HUEY: Bahaha! Dry?! Good one, Toadsworth! Mario, you might wanna ... [rest of the cutscene plays as usual]

(At the fountain...)
HUEY: AAAAAAAUGHUGGH! The Grand Paint Stars! They’re gone... All gone!
Toadsworth hops up on the pedestal. He then hops down.
TOADSWORTH: I say- his tears are dreadful.
PEACH: Um...don’t cry...paint can. Maybe we could help you find the, uh...what were they called? Grand Paint Stars?
HUEY: It’s no use... They’re gone...All gone! Port Prisma without the King’s Grand Paint Stars is tuna-fish sandwich without ketchup! *sob*
TOADSWORTH: First off, I don’t quite understand that analogy. Second off, gross... But thirdly, those Grand Paint Stars seem quite important to you, and you DID give my life a new kick in the trousers.
HUEY: WAAAAAAAAAH! *sniff* *sniff*
Suddenly, Huey gets up.
HUEY: Wait a second...what’s that smell? It smells like... a Paint Star!
Everyone looks up.
HUEY: I knew it! Guys, look up there! It’s one of our Grand Paint Stars! Oh, isn’t it glorious! OK! guys CAN help me after all! Help me recover that Grand Paint Star! I mean, I basically taught you the ropes on color to get you out of that pickle back there...
PEACH: He’s right. We definitely owe him a favor. And besides... I have a feeling that this is related to OUR mystery: the poor Brustache who was mailed to us! What do you say, Mario? Will you help Mr. Can?
HUEY: Mr. Can’s my nickname. You can call me Huey! Thanks for the help, guys. It means a lot. All right. Let’s go get that Big Paint Star, shall we? Don’t mind me. I’ll just tuck myself into your pocket!
Huey enters momentarily. He then exits.
HUEY: If you wanna chat, just press Up on the D-Pad to summon me. It’s easier and less painful than hitting me with a hammer! I know this town like the back of my can, so don’t hesitate to ask me for advice if you get lost.
Huey re-enters Mario’s pocket.
HUEY: Oooh- spacey.
TOADSWORTH: We’ll take a rest for a while, Master Mario. Go paint the town red! ...And hopefully other colors too...
PEACH: May you stay brisk in the face of great adversity.
Peach heals Mario.
PEACH: Come see me anytime you’re feeling a little pale. I can help pep you up and restore your HP.


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When Mario opens the green door in the west part of town, he meets not a Goomba- but a Boo in refined swordsman garb.
BOO SWORDSMAN: HALT! What’s your business, colored knave?! Wait…your mustache is almost as bushy as my instructor’s. Hmm…FACE ME!

After the battle…
BOOSKETEER: Well now! Things around this island will get interesting for the others…
The Boosketeer is defeated, dropping an EXP Hammer (now the official rename for Hammer Scraps).
HUEY: That guy was just weird. Like those straw creeps we beat.
Mario nods.

HUEY: But it’s not all bad news. Look- he was nice enough to leave an EXP Hammer! If you collect enough of these, you’ll be able to store more paint in your paint hammer! And it gets better- your HP will increase, allowing you to survive stronger attacks! Enemies sometimes drop them after battle, so pick them up before they disappear.

The Shy Guy’s last line is a little different.
SHY GUY: HAHAHA! Did you hear that squeaky, annoying voice? I totally CRUSHED that Toadette impression!

+Inside the house, the purple Toad is now female.
After the purple Toadette explains her house would have been guest quarters, Peach and Toadsworth arrive.
PEACH: How’s it going so far, Mario? Have you recovered that Paint Star for Huey yet?
PURPLE TOADETTE: Ah, Princess Peach! I offer you a belated welcome to our ancient, yet humble town. I’m sure you must be tired from your long voyage, so please feel free to rest in these quarters anytime.
The purple Toadette opens the door.
PEACH: Oh, thank you, Tali T. We are a bit tired after all of this excitement, so we will take you up on that offer.
Toadsworth enters the guest room. The rest of the cutscene with Peach and Tali T continues as usual.

After Huey finishes explaining the difference between Mini and Grand Paint Stars…
The wind starts picking up.
HUEY: Whoa! What’s going on?!
Mario and Huey turn around. They see a Bowser airship fly into the sky with a bucket of red paint. Hanging onto the bucket is…a Slurple wearing the same strange garb as the Boosketeer.
HUEY: Well, that’s not good. That airship is making off with a huge bucket of paint! Did they steal all of that from Port Prisma?! And…was that kid wearing the same clothes as that ghost? Grab this red Mini Paint Star, and let’s get moving!


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Shy Guy
Slurp Guy

Green Koopa
HP: 8
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
MARK: None
+All of Green Koopa’s quotes are moved to Red Koopa. Meanwhile…
QUOTE 1: Let’s have a fun fight, Mario.
QUOTE 2: Make it clean.
QUOTE 3 (in shell): I’m taking a shell break.
QUOTE 4 (near defeat): That’s the…spirit.

+The unpainted building releases Toads and Brustaches of various attributes.

+The Toad in the house is replaced with a Brustache.
+The sign about the Paint Thieves is just a little longer…
WANTED: Paint Thieves
REWARD: Several coins, loyalty
Signed, Pitholl and Cucleer

The Café here is being run by a Brustache.
Some of the Shy Guys in line have different comments from before.
SHY GUY 2: Is this line even moving? I GOT MUSKETEERS TO STOMP, THANK YOU!

SHY GUY 3: You trying to cut in line?! UNFORGIVEABLE! I might as well go fight those hat jerks without my buzz!

On the way back to the Mini Paint Star, the Shy Guy seated closest to the café stall has a slightly different line.
SHY GUY: What? You want my seat? If I didn’t give it to those snooty Musketeers, you aren’t getting it either, plumber boy!

When Mario and the Brustache are trying to flatten the blue Shy Guys, this time, their combined weight isn’t enough to do the job.
BRUSTACHE: Awwwwww- this isn’t working. You must be doing Pilates too. I really wanted to teach these crooks a lesson!
???????: This calls for pro-FESS-ional help!
???????: That’s right, Pitholl. Let’s help the poor Brustache out AND CRUSH THESE WEAKLINGS!!
Suddenly, a Pianta and Coo Coo in weird garb crash in from nowhere. Their weight is able to crush the blue Shy Guys, creating a pond of blue paint.

???????/PITHOLL [ ]: FAB-ulous work, Cucleer! You REALLY pulled your WEIGHT into that stomp!
???????/CUCLEER [ ]: Aw, you’re making me blush, Pitholl…but you know what would have made this surprise even better?
PITHOLL: It’s GREAT we’re on the same SIDE, Cucleer! Otherwise, I’d DREAD what would happen if I ever crossed you! For now, we need to HURRY! Daffodil Peak, and a-WAAAY!
Pitholl and Cucleer dash off.
HUEY: You’re right, Mario. They’re wearing the same clothes as…
BRUSTACHE: I really wasn’t expecting this craziness today. Oh well- I feel SO much better with those Shy Guys gone! Back to the café with me! Good luck, Mario!


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On the final screen of the first visit, there’s no water pouring onto Cherry Lake’s final wheel. Instead, there are several hard poles attached to the wheel that require a new ability to pull 45 degrees.

Shy Guy
Slurp Guy
Boosketeer (replaces half the Slurp Guys)

(REVAMPED) (replaces half the Shy Guys) [ ]
HP: 10
ATK: 2
DEF: 0
MARK: Musketeer
QUOTE 1: Let our battle commence!
QUOTE 2: First, I float. Then, I surprise!
QUOTE 3: Could I ask you to look the other way, good sir?
QUOTE 4: Let us fight like gentle ghosts- by scaring you.
QUOTE 5 (near defeat): I wish I were in outer space- I’d be invincible there.

HP: 9
ATK: 4
+The Crazy Dayzee sings. If Mario doesn’t block, he’ll fall asleep for 1 turn.
DEF: 0
MARK: None
QUOTE 1: Lalalalalaaaa…
QUOTE 2: Oh- no Yoshi today?
QUOTE 3: You need a bubble bath, Mario.
QUOTE 4 (near defeat): I hope my seed avenges me…nah, I’m too peaceful for that.
QUOTE 5 (near defeat): Water- a little water, here?

At the beginning of the level, the Slurple musketeer falls off the airship.
HUEY: You saw it too, right?! That kid just fell off the airship! He must have fallen somewhere… (rest of cutscene proceeds as usual, including the Cut-Out tutorial)

Near the first waterwheel, a stack of Shy Guys is confronting a stack of Boos.
SHY GUY: What’s your problem, bub? You think we fall short of your stack?
SHY GUY 2: Ooooh, I bet you think you’re soooo cool hanging out with those sword wielders!
SHY GUY 3: We’re only rollin’ four deep. We can take you any day of the week, yo!

SHY GUY 1: Enough talk. Get him, boys!
BOO: No words need leave my lips to address you, vagabond! Besides, you have other problems. See that mustachioed primate there?
The Shy Guy stack turns around.
SHY GUY: AH! It looks like your snooty lip found a Tanooki Suit on his upper lip! STACK THIS CLOWN!
BOO: He’s OUR problem, masked fiends!

This is the first battle with both Koopaling and Musketeer-marked enemies. Due to this, a unique scenario takes place.
+Before Mario can make his first move…
BOO: Halt your actions, masked ones! Or face the wrath of a Musketeer!
The Boo scares the Shy Guy stack, reducing it to 3.

SHY GUYS: Oh yeah, Boo boy? Meet my friends, Adam and Fist!
SHY GUY 2: Hey.
SHY GUY 3: Hi.
The Shy Guys strike the Boosketeer stack, reducing it to 3.
HUEY: They’re fighting each other?! Er, uh- Mario, let’s take advantage of this while they’re distracted!

After the battle…
HUEY: What’s going on around this island?! First the paint’s vanishing from these straw jerks, then some weirdly clothed maniacs are roaming around…We have a lot of work to do.
Mario nods.

Due to Mario always having 3 useable cards per turn in the Recut, the Slot Up Cards are gone.
Nevertheless, the encounter with the two enemy stacks plays somewhat similar to before.
SHY GUY: Hey, losers! Come stack with us! It’ll be fun!
A Boosketeer stack makes the scene.
BOOSKETEER: For once, your mouth utters verily- studies show that stacking in groups can increase HP and lower cholesterol! …but that’s ALL we agree with you, crimson menaces!
SHY GUY: Here’s an idea, nerd- zip it while I smack Mario around!
BOOSKETEER: YOU stay your tongue, and I’ll perform likewise!
The two enemy stacks engage Mario.


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Target: One
Damage: 2 > 2 > 2 > 2 > 2 > 2

Line Jump
Target: All enemies, back and forth
Damage: 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 1

Quakehammer (NEW)
Target: All ground enemies
Damage: 7
Regen Value: Medium-High

Spinhammer (NEW)
Target: All ground enemies, front enemy is target
Damage: 7 > 5 > 3 successive, can make enemies dizzy
Regen Value: Medium

Red Syrup
Target: Mario
Heals 40 Red Paint.
Regen Value: 20 Yellow Paint, 20 Blue Paint

Blue Syrup
Target: Mario
Heals 40 Blue Paint.
Regen Value: 20 Yellow Paint, 20 Red Paint

Yellow Syrup
Target: Mario
Heals 40 Yellow Paint.
Regen Value: 20 Red Paint, 20 Blue Paint


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Rather than shoes in the bushes, Mario collects the Kid’s Hat.
The Underwear is replaced with the Kid’s Bag.

When Mario and Huey get to the tree, they see the Slurple kid clinging for dear life.
HUEY: That kid’s clinging to that dead tree! He’s stronger than he looks, surviving that fall! He looks like he’ll get blown away at any moment, though. Let’s go help him!

The new explanation on how Artifacts work…
HUEY: Wow! And I thought that kid left the clouds, Mario! Ancient objects like this are called Artifacts. In my sleep, I’ve heard there’s prototypes of these things called…Things. With Artifacts, you can equip them from the Artifact Menu on the Pause Menu. So go ahead and press A to give it a new home.

When Mario shakes the Slurple kid off the tree, he spins in midair…
EDWIN [ ]: Took you long enough, red guy! Now, could you stay there while I look around for-?
HUEY: You were on that airship, right? I’m glad you’re not hurt, but, uh…you could show Mario a little more gratitude for coming to find you.
EDWIN: NOT NOW, metal guy! My hat and coin bag fell when I let go of the airship! I was asked by my “colorful” bosses, the Musketeers, to steal that paint, so I jumped on their ship! But that thing’s faster than it looks! I was clamping on for my life while I….uh…and my mouth finally ran out of air. But mark my words- I will take every pint of paint from those arrogant Koopalings! …and a little coinage for myself. For I am the one who knocks interlopers for a loop! I am… (DUN DUH NUH NUH…) EDWIN THE ENRICHING!
HUEY: Edwin the Enriching? Uh… is this kid for real? How did he say that with a straight face?
EDWIN: I promise you I don’t straighten faces- I straighten a bounty of wealth! I can even prove it to you, if you give me my hat and bag back. Come on- it’ll be worth your time with me by your side. I’ll even keep the Musketeers underlings away if they try something funny.
HUEY: Edwin the Enriching, huh? Well, I guess we can’t abandon you in your time of need. Besides, if you catch a cold, how will you pay the bills? We’re on the case!

+At the pier…
SHY GUY: “Journal of Justice”- by [the name’s been scratched out]. (rest of journal reads as usual…)
The Hero’s Journal is retitled Aace’s Journal.

When Mario and Huey give Edwin his stuff…
EDWIN: Ah, there we go. Don’t worry, Edwin Jr- you’re safe and sound, back home with your older brother.
HUEY: Are you…talking to the money bag?
EDWIN: Oh OH! OH! I usually don’t do that publicly! I’m just so- happy to be reunited with my stuff. Anyways, you got my bag, my hat- you even found my boss’ book! He wouldn’t have been happy if anyone lost it! Now- let’s make it rain good fortune up ahead!
EDWIN JOINED THE PARTY! Press the Y Button to suck onto soft surfaces! Press the Y Button again to let go of harder surfaces! In battle, Edwin can use Bag Bounce to inflict heavy damage on 3 enemies! While fighting alongside Mario, Edwin’s Coin Pincher rewards more Coins after battle, to really squeeze the money out of foes!
EDWIN: What are you two waiting for? We have a whole island to reap our rewards from! Let’s get pillaging!
HUEY: I think we’ve made a terrible mistake…



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+Partner field abilities are assigned to the Y Button. Huey Hints, meanwhile, are moved to Up on the D-Pad.
+To switch partners on the field, press Left or right on the D-Pad.
+In battle, Mario can switch partners before picking a card. However, there's a catch...

+The Partner Meter is capped at 50 points. It gains its points from half the damage Mario inflicts. When filled, press the icon at the end to unleash a Partner Attack.
+If Mario switches partners are anytime, the Partner Meter empties by 50 points.
+There's a way to get an extension for the Partner Meter, allowing for 2 Partner attacks. However, it's not available until after Chapter 5.
EDWIN- Bag Bounce
Target: 3 enemies
Damage: 12, increases coins earned after battle by x1.2

Fwoosh Propeller

Slots: 1
Effect: All Jump attacks gain/change to a Wind attribute, adding splash damage.


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When the duo of heroes and Edwin arrive at Crimson Tower…
HUEY: Mario, I can smell a big load of paint beyond that gate!
EDWIN: My boss warned me against sniffing paint for too long.
HUEY: It smells like red paint. Way stronger than the red Mini Paint Stars that led us here…
EDWIN: Maybe…the Crimson Grand Paint Star is in the tower, behind that gate.
HUEY: That’s a good guess.

There’s a green Brustache at the gate. The conversation with him mostly stays the same, up to this point.
HUEY: …are you some sort of bridge builder or something?
GREEN BRUSTACHE: You’d better believe it. I’m a bridge builder by trade- everyone calls me Britchill!
HUEY: Port Prisma was attacked, and (…)
(Cutscene plays as usual).

Regarding the three keyholes on the gate…
HUEY: Mario! Look at the gate!
EDWIN: If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear these keyholes looked like- people? The gate might pave way to riches if we find the keys!


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+Merlon and a crystal ball replace the Toad at the garbage can, as well as the garbage can.
+Since Artifacts cannot be “used”/lost, Shady T instead permanently increases their effect by x1.3…for a price equal to double their rebuy value in the actual game.

+Upon crossing the bridge…
EDWIN: my, that was definitely a bridge. We started over there, and now we’re on this side.
HUEY: Um…kind of at a loss here. It was…really supportive? I don’t even have feet, you know!
Huey turns around.
HUEY: …Wait a sec. I smell paint! And not just any old paint…
Mario and co. see…
HUEY: It’s Paint Star paint! Coming off a blue Paint Star, if I’m not mistaken.
EDWIN: Hmmm…doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to get, Huey. I mean, how are me and Mario supposed to get up on that roof?

+When Mario heads out to check on the harbor…
SHADY T.: Haven’t seen you in a while…You’re not a cop, right? ‘Cause you’d have to tell me if you were. It’s the law. Well, lemme assure you that I’ve pretty much acquired most of my “power-ups” basically legally…more or less. I provide a service that allows you to take some of your favorite Artifacts and give ‘em some extra WHAM. That’s why they call me…Shady T.
The ground opens. A plunger with a Pixl motif rises.
SHADY T: Since you’re new here, let’s give you a little taste. Now, don’t worry about Shady T. I’ll be just fine. See, once you pep up one Artifact, you feel the rush. You’re hooked. That’s how I turn a profit. Enough talk. Let’s give that old thing a new lease!
SHADY T: Wowza! You pilfered that Pixl Plunger like a plumber pro! You sure you haven’t handled something like this before? Now don’t be a stranger. Come on back whenever you feel the need to exceed!
As Mario passes the moustached guy near the stairs…
MERLON [ ]: Wait! I foresaw your arrival.
Mario and friends double back.
EDWIN: Wait! Aren’t you-?
MERLON: I am Merlon. I can gaze into the future. This allows me to see what you need to succeed on your path ahead. It’s been a gift in my lineage for generations, ever since Merluvlee first came to this island. Now, as for which Artifact you may need…?
MERLON: I see you with an Artifact that goes “plorp”. It’s kept in the bathroom, and you dread needing it.

+When Mario meets the Squad Captain…
SQUAD CAPTAIN [ ]: Mario. I was hoping you’d stop by. I’m the Squad Captain of the entire Rescue Squad coalition. The Rescue Squads were formed and led by my ancestors, to help those in need across the land. As current leader of the coalition, it’s my job to keep tabs on each squad. Let me know if I can help you find most of the Rescue Squad members.

+When Mario and co. meet the Dojo heads [ ]…
PAWK HAWK: Gonzales! Welcome to Mawk and Pawk Dojo!
MAWK HAWK: I trained the champion of the Glitz Pit in Rogueport personally, so trust me when I say you’re in good feathers.
PAWK HAWK: And I’ve watched more kung-fu movies than any other Memphawk in the area, so I’m…kind of an expert on combat.
MAWK HAWK: If you’re going to be out there defending yourself from Boosketeers and Shy Guys, you’re going to have to learn good timing.
PAWK HAWK: And good old Mawk there’s just the bird to help! Uh, not to say I’m not, Gonzales.

(Much later…)
+After defeating the Slurp Guy near the Blue Paint Star and the odd Toad leaves…
EDWIN: What an odd Toad.
HUEY: Whatever. (cutscene continues as usual)

+The Guide Toad is an adult female Toad. In addition, she now has the name Naviga T.
+At the café, the patrons are changed around in the following way…
CAFÉ OWNER: Female Brustache
NEWSPAPER: Male Vellbex (face obscured)
COFFEE: Male Memphawk
PERSON NEAR PAINT STAR: Purple Toad boy (younger)

+Due to Luigi’s changed role (meaning he couldn’t be on Prism Island yet), someone else handles his letters…

???????? [ ]: Hmhmhm…hello, Mario. This is an old friend, watching from the stars. It’s been some time, hasn’t it? A special someone of yours has travelled from the Decal Lands to the harbor district in Port Prisma. While lingering in the dark, he will prove most helpful.

Pixl Plunger

Slots: 1
Effect: Adds one more hit to multi-hit cards (Jumps, Hopslippers, Eekhammers), equal in strength to the last usual hit.


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+The delay on the moving blocks has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
+2 of the 6 Green Rescue Squad locations have been replaced with normal cards.
++#2 (Swooper): A ? Block with a normal Jump Card.
++#3 (tape): 3 Worn-Out Hammer Cards.
+Some poles and soft objects have replaced a few moving stones, requiring Edwin.

Shy Guy
Slurp Guy

Buzzy Beetle
HP: 7
ATK: 3
DEF: 5 (normally). Jumping flips Buzzy Beetle over, reducing DEF to 0. Fire and Ice attacks do not affect Buzzy Beetle.
MARK: None

Spiked Guy (all colors)
HP: 10
ATK: 4
DEF: 1 (spiked)
MARK: None

Mystery Creature (RECUT ENEMY)-
HP: 15
ATK: Varies
+The Mystery Creature rolls into Mario. 4 ATK
+The Mystery Creature tosses the shroom on its back towards Mario. 6 ATK
DEF: Halves all damage taken (normally). 0 (after using shroom toss attack)
MARK: Mystery
QUOTE 1: …So- You’ve finally arrived…
QUOTE 2: We must fulfill…the mission.
QUOTE 3 (near-defeat): Another will…take our place.
SPECIAL ABILITY: As soon as the battle begins, before Mario moves, the Mystery Creature will spray a purple mist on all other enemies with a different mark from it. This turns them Shiny, halving all damage they take. If all Mystery marked enemies are KO’d first, the effect vanishes.
SPECIAL ABILITY 2: Like Sombrero Guy, if the Mystery Creature is onscreen when a battle starts with a different enemy, it joins in anyways.

RESCUE 1 (paper ball toss): Clara T (short haired female)
RESCUE 2 (merry-go-Shy Guys): Beeyew T (young girl)
RESCUE 3 (strange creature): Suga T (long haired female)
RESCUE 4 (waterfall secret): Whittik T (young boy)
ALTERED 1 (“Swooper”): A ? Block with a normal Jump Card.
ALTERED 2 (tape): 3 Worn-Out Hammer Cards.

+After getting Peppa T out of the pipe…
PEPPA T: UGH! Please tell me you washed that plunger before using it on me!
EDWIN: Relax, Green. I checked.
PEPPA T: Sorry, I thought my wife’s training prepared me for this. Anyway, I’m second-in-command of the Green Rescue Squad- Peppa T. Pleased to meet you. We received reports of trouble deep in the Indigo Underground, so we rushed here as quickly as we could. But we got ambushed as soon as we arrived, and my family were all separated! It was bad. We got flattened, pulverized, annihilated, crushed, defeated, thrown around… You name it! I got stuffed in this pipe like a little green gumball! And it gave me a HEADACHE! This might come as a shock, but I need you to rescue my wife, sister-in-law, son and daughter.
HUEY: You Rescue Guys look so cool. I love the color-coordinated getups, and your scarves are CHOICE!
PEPPA T: Thank you, but serving in the Rescue Squad is more than just wearing a cool uniform. Our mission is to right the wrongs of this island. To stamp out injustice wherever it festers! If you ever want to talk to our chief director, you can find him at Rescue Squad HQ in Port Prisma’s yellow district. But… he’s a little moody about one of our other members, so you might not catch him at a good ti-
EDWIN: Wait wait wait. So- the Rescue Squad needs to be…rescued? My bosses would never let that happen to them!

HUEY: This happens to you a lot, huh, Mario? But if the Mini Paint Star led us here, there must be another Paint Star in this cave.
EDWIN: And lots of riches! Let’s go check it out!
Mario tries to go in. However, a Shy Guy appears.

After defeating the Shy Guy…
PEPPA T: That was one of the guys who attacked us… (rest of dialogue) ..I’ve got to head to the rendezvous point.
Peppa T heads in the pipe. Before entering, however…
PEPPA T: And make sure she’s not stirring up trouble…
Peppa T salutes. He then goes down the pipe.
HUEY: “She”?
EDWIN: Knowing your luck, I’m sure we’ll meet this trouble woman soon.


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Iron Jump

Target: One, can jump on spiked enemies without injury
Damage: 7 > 1 > 1 > 1 > 1

Drill Jump
Target: One
Damage: 9, pierces Defense

Tornado Jump (NEW)
Target: One main target + splash damage on all air enemies)
Damage: 3 > 1 > 1 > 1 > 1 (main target), 1x every successful jump (other air enemies only)

Thunder Jump (NEW)
Target: One
Damage: 5 > 1 > 1 > 1, can shock enemies

Target: One, can hit air enemies
Damage: 11

KO Hammer
Target: One main target + enemies behind
Damage: 12 > 8 > 4 every enemy afterwards

Fire Flower
Target: All ground enemies
Damage: 6, Fire attribute

Ice Flower
Target: All ground enemies
Damage: 6, Water attribute

Spiked Helmet
Target: Mario
Inflicts 6 damage on all enemies who use jump-based attacks on Mario the turn Mario uses this card.


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(paper ball toss): Clara T
CLARA T: ……t……c…..t!
After Mario smooths out Clara T…
CLARA T: They tossed me around without a second thought, like I was just some…lousy white turnip!

Clara T salutes.
CLARA T: Clara T of the Green Rescue Squad, reporting for duty! Now, if you’ll pardon me, I must report to my sister immediately! Or her husband, in this case…
Clara T runs off.

RESCUE 2 (merry-go-Shy Guys): Beeyew T
After defeating the Shy Guy horde…
BEEYEW T: MR. MARIO! BEHIND YOU! …sorry I didn’t say that, Mr. Mario. I pinky-promise I’ll do it next time…
Beeyew T salutes.
BEEYEW T: Beeyew T of the Green R’scue Squad, r’portin’ for duty! Now, if you’ll ‘scuse me, Mister Mario, I have to go “r’port” to my mommy! Or daddy, if he’s OK…
Beeyew T runs off.

RESCUE 3 (waterfall secret): Whittik T
+After defeating the Slurp Guy…
WHITTIK T: Huh? How’d I get here, mist’r? I was sure I would go ta’ sleep f’rever behind that wat’rfall. You’d help me out, right, mist’r?
Whittik T salutes.
WHITTIK T: Whittik T of the Green R’scue Squad, r’portin’ for duty! Now, if you’ll ‘scuse me, mister Mario, I have to go “r’port” to my mom! Or dad, if he’s OK…
Whittik T runs off.

RESCUE 4 (strange creature): Suga T
+Rather than suck the color out of its victim, the creature turns Suga T into a purple mushroom.

+The creature can be hurt by any cards. However, there’s still the special Defense perk to consider.
+After defeating the creature, Suga T turns back to normal.
SUGA T: What was…that…creature? I’ve never…seen… Such…horror… But…I do remember one thing, Red…
Suga T salutes.
SUGA T: Suga T of the Green Rescue Squad, back on duty! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must check in with my husband immediately! As well as the rest of my family…
Suga T is about to leave. However, she doubles back.
SUGA T: Oh! I just remembered! Take it! It might come in handy.


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When talking to Peppa T after finding the other 4…
PEPPA T: Roll call!
PEPPA T: And I make five! The family’s all together again! See, honey? I got us through this crisis.
SUGA T: Good job, darling. Now…Green Rescue Squad! Commence Operation Toad! All units, to your positions!
The family of Toads join together to create a bridge.
BEEYEW T: Mission ‘ccomplished, mommy!
Just before Mario and Edwin can walk over the bridge, however…
BEEYEW T: Thanks, Mister Mario! You saved my fam’ly, even though we should have been savin’ you.
PEPPA T: Feel free to walk on us all you want, pal! Really strong backs! I’m serious! Our bond is stronger than our weight. There’s no way we’ll-
????: Is that what you poor saps think? HEH!
A female Vellbex wearing purple garb jumps hard on the Green Rescue Bridge.
HUEY: What do you think you’re DOING, lady!?
KIDD [ ]: What does it look like, metal brain? I’m showing these mushroom heads how pointless it is- how pointless this Rescue Squad business really is!
EDWIN: I know you! You’re that Rescue Squad member who went crazy for no reason- Kidd!
KIDD: I went crazy for no reason?! I went crazy!? HeheheheHEHEHEHE! Is that what everyone on the island thinks happened? There’s nothing crazy about showing people why no good deed, or any deed is ever worth it- you just end up hurt in the end!
HUEY: Listen, Lady- the only one hurting people here is you! So if you don’t mind, help us save the Green Rescue Squad, or fight someone your own size!
KIDD: You know something, Tin Thing? You’re so right…
Kidd begins to walk towards the Green Rescue Squad bridge. However, she turns around immediately.
KIDD: …I should fight someone my own size! Like your red plumber friend! Here I come, red man!
Kidd charges towards Mario and co.


HP: 80
ATK: 6 (Charge attack), 5 (kiss attack, converts allied enemies to Kidd’s side of the field), 5 (nab attack, steals 2 of Mario’s cards if not blocked)
DEF: 0
MARK: None
QUOTE 1: Good-lookin’ stache, red boy…seeing someone?
QUOTE 2: Just give up and run home to your girlfriend. Oh wait- you don’t have one.
QUOTE 3: So are you going to fight, or have you realized how pointless it is?
QUOTE 4 (after taking Mario’s cards): I know someone who’d like these more!
QUOTE 5 (if Kidd converts an enemy): Your thug is much redder for me than you, red!
QUOTE 6 (near defeat): What- why aren’t you giving up?!

After defeating Kidd…
KIDD: Urgh! Why can’t any of you understand? Everything you care about eventually fades away, as if it never existed. So we might as well as cause as much chaos as we can, and not care about what happens after!
Mario looks shocked.
EDWIN: Oh, uh, wow. This is a little out of my area of expertise. Huey, you got anything?
HUEY: No. This is…just terrible. What happened to make you think like this?!
KIDD: Wouldn’t you like to know? Next time we meet, you’ll see my side of things. Until then…
Kidd gives Huey a kiss.
KIDD: Toodles, Tin Thing.
Kidd runs off.
HUEY: Sh-sh- sh- sh- sh- sh- why’d she do that?! Is she just messing with us now?! What is her DEAL!?
EDWIN: I kind of wish she gave me a kiss.
EDWIN: OK, that was terrible! As for her deal- Kidd’s been messing with everyone on the island for a while, even before I got here. Koopalings, the Musketeers, tourists, the locals, even the other members of the Rescue Squad- everyone and everything is fair game for her destruction. This was actually my first time meeting her- now, I hope we don’t see her again.