The Great Text Adventure


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I heard about this game from somewhere, and decided to use it here. This is like those old text adventure where you use your IMAGINATION!!! If you make a right command, the game proceeds. Here we go!

>You wake up in a room. You don't know where you are, or who you are. First of all, what's your name?


Can't touch this!
New Super Mario said:
EpicWaluigi said:
(the computer won't accept it because you have to put a > at the beginning.
My name is.......... Tooty Frooty?

Here's what you would put for that.

>Tooty Frooty

You have chosen your name as the flavor of a lollipop. Everyone licks you to death. GAME OVER.

The game restarts and you have to choose a new name.


Can't touch this!
Your name is me, which is scripted to be you which is me, which is scripted to be you...fjdhsvinugergeucn

404 Not Found

You overloaded the game and have to restart with a different name.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
>sudo rm -vrf ./The\ Great\ Text\ Adventrure
'The Great Text Adventure' is deleted


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You realize your name isn't realistic. Sadly, you abandon it in stupidity.

@Legend of Lily

You decide your name is Lily. You walk into a door and see a key on a table. There also looks there is something else under the table.


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You pick up the key. The thing under the table turns out to be a cat.

@New Super Mario

You owe Nintendo $50 for using a trademarked name. You run out of money and decide to change it.

Your name seems completely normal. The only thing you see in your room is a Wii Remote.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
Does your computer also understand PHP?
if [$EpicWaluigi = error] {
echo "The computer doesn't understand PHP!";
else {
echo "I understand PHP!";


Can't touch this!
QuizmoManiac said:
>I look for a Wii and some batteries
You look and look and look find a pack of Double A's behind you after 5 minutes.
Dyego Simpson Halliwell Russo said:
>My name is Christopher
You decide your name is Christopher. Unfortunately, you can not spell that and settle it to Chris. You see a keypad in front of you.
Legend of Lily said:
> I pick up the cat and look for where the key unlocks
You pick up the cat and read a note that says "Attach Clown Hewn"
Reversinator said:
>My name is Dean
You decide that your name is so normal, you change it in shame.


a rhinestone cowboy
>I check to see if there are batteries in the Wii Remote, if so I press the power button, listening fir the faithful hum of a Wii.
If not, I put batteries in and do the same