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So, I try my hand at writing a story again. I think I've improved over my previous two stories, and I hope you guys think so too. (but you can't read my other 2 stories 'cause they're gone)

The link is here. You can sign up for any available spots here.

Chapter 3 up. I'm gonna stop using the bots for a while, cause Chapter 4 is gonna be in two parts!


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It's Louis'.

I signed-up as a major protagonist (Zero777).
The story is not bad.

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No, it's Louis'.

And it's good so far, especially for Userpedia.


also I hang out here, I guess
I wrote a Disconnected review saying how much I loved this, but now I love it even more!

And I also thought you were a guy at the time.

Uh, don't get mad at me.


also I hang out here, I guess
But more specifically- well, your writing always has a tendency to blow me away. Your style is rapid-fire and your dialogue is excellent- I absolutely loved the Yellow/Mastablasta interactions.

There is a minor criticism I have, though- we're not seeing much in the form of physical descriptions of the environments or of the people! I can't hit on you if I don't know what you look like.


also I hang out here, I guess
Oh, my bad.

I'm not at fault for this. You're the one who waited so long to update. ;-;

With the locations, you don't have to get that descriptive...just give a bit more detail. I know you can do it.

Alright, I went back and reread the first two chapters- looks like I missed quite a few revisions from you. : P

Also, base my depiction in this off of Resolutions Tabuu, please. ^^
(when you get to that)