The Official Marioverse Battles Topic

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
I am now cancelling my battles. Peteypiranhalover will take care of them don't worry (I hope). Remember to talk about how cool the battles here!
Also since there isn't much people visiting this topic here you can also add ideas you have on the battles!

Like new characters!
I need someone to tell me who should fight this week.

I was thinking of Fawful. If someone doesn't think something else he will fight!
I think that Raphel Raven should fight Wario. The reason being, Wario is
very strong, and I would like to see how he fairs against Raphel. :D
Kamek and Kammy can't fight however...

Kamek can fight Raphael
Kammy can fight Raphael
O.K... Me and PeteyPiranhaLover are now the official Marioverse battle writers.
YAY!! The current battle is Peach & Daisy vs. Bowser vs. Bowser Jr.We would like some suggestions for Marioverse battle # 10. Anybody?
Is this still, going? If not, Im gonna write it...
is it okay, if i help write one too?



PM me a battle, GG, and i'll se how u r.