Blue luma


Ms Mowz!

I know this is kind of a strange question,

but is the blue luma in smg2 lighter then the one in smg?
No, Lubba is purple. I think she means regular Blue Lumas, which I think turn into Pull Stars.
I think so, but in SMG the blue lumas appear in dark places sometimes
Eg: The dark castle in Good egg galaxy, Space
But in SMG2 the are not used as much and appear in places like Mario's....Faceship..Ha! Ha ha.....
(Bad Lubba Joke)

btw that was a very bad lubba joke (faceship)

Also is their only one red luma in SMG because all the rest seem to be pink after being a hungry luma
No, I think there are two red lumas in SMG, one on the obveretory, but the other is in the gateway galaxy when you go there for the red star mission. He comes out from behind Rosalina I believe.