Zero's Christmas Special!


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So I have said that I'll make a sci-fi cowboy theme fanfic, but I'm postponing that for now to make a Christmas theme fanfic of me and my friend helping Satan Santa Clause do his delivery since he is not feeling well on the night of Christmas Eve. The main characters' roster is already filled, so you can only sign up for minor appearances.
Here's the link
Main Characters

2.Baby Mario Bloops
3.Santa Clause

Minor Characters (unlimited)
2.New Super Mario
9.Castle Toad

And when I say minor, I mean very minor, you'll probably say high to me and never seen in the story again.
Can i be a really minor character you see on the streets selling pineapples? (lol)

Dont care what i am in the story but ill be in it:

This is my first fanfic, so it will probably below mediocre, so that's why this is here, to criticize constructively.

Does anybody know if I need Porple's permission for him to be in my fanfic?
Um no, it's just basically everybody having a good Christmas time when something, that nobody except for me and BMB knows, goes wrong, not on some villain's behalf, but something natural that usually happens, but this time it had a bad timing to choose the night of Christmas Eve.
Great news everybody, the prologue is out! So don't forget to read, enjoy, and subscribe comment or criticize constructively here!

Right here
Too bad I can't embed youtube videos into Userpedia, there is going to be a whole scene which is basically a youtube video.
Yeah, I got a bit carried away on that. It's my first time making a fanfic.
Arthur said:
Yeah, I got a bit carried away on that. It's my first time making a fanfic.
No don't get me wrong it was still great, I just wasn't expecting that much for a prologue