Who is your favorite kong?


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Who is your favorite kong?
I never got what was with those evil kongs (Dread Kong, Karate Kong Sumo Kong, Cactus King and Ghastly King) from Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, who were they?
Evil gorrilas? I never got to play jungle beat.
It doesnt cot much, im gonna try to get it.
I think you need the DK Bongos to play it. If you did get it though you could maybe add alot of info. to the DKWiki about it. :)
It comes with the bongos. And you can play it with th gamecube controller(heard that from gamespot)
People like LANKY KONG??? :shock: Hes a monkey with a clown nose!!!... "sigh"
I've always wondered, is there any relation between Lanky Kong and the [dkwiki]Manky Kong[/dkwiki]s from Donkey Kong Country. Also I finally managed to get back on the forum after alot of effort.
Well than im outnumbered... anyway, I got DK: junglebeat. No real plot is given, but my guess is that its some sort of competition.
Yeah, that was one of the main criticisms of the game, lack of story. That and repetitiveness and lack of DKC, DKL and DK64 characters. But atleast DK fights someone besides K. Rool for once, "Ghastly King" ([dkwiki]Wizpig[/dkwiki] and [dkwiki]KAOS[/dkwiki] don't count).
I like Chunky Kong because he's bigger, and stronger than Donkey Kong.
This is how I see it. Every Kong who wasn't in the original DKC triolgy is a waist of time. Bye bye Chunky and Lankey. Next, Wrinkly only saves your games and gives you advice, plus she has only been in two games. So no Wrinkly. Kiddy was basicly a stupider DK so no. Now we get down to the finalists. DK, Diddy, Dixie, and Cranky. Dixie was only in two games so goodbye. DK is cool, but he's to fat. Diddy is tight with me but I have to say the winner is Crankey, for wise words of wisdom and... he beats people with a cane. And he's crankey, I mean, come on, who doesn't like the crankey guy.
That's crap. Lanky's pure original! Chunky I can see, but Lanky's alsome, fat, and an ORANGATANG !

I'd like to see one of them on the Empire State Building (Based on King Kong 1933 for those of us who hadn't seen the original. I know it was in 2005's but 1933's is the best!)
Dixie was in six games and she has been confirmed for three upcoming ones. Wrinkly has also been in six. Though Tiny Kong, well she just sucks. Anybody else ever see that unamed hillbilly Kong from Diddy Kong Pilot (cancelled), that guy looked weird, relative of Lanky maybe? By the way, i'll give you a few more days for [dkwiki]Mr. X[/dkwiki], but I'm gonna need some kind of evidence or else the article may end up being deleted.
If I email the pictures to you...
King Zing said:Every Kong who wasn't in the original DKC triolgy is a waist of time.
Thats an awful cynical way to look at things. Plus you forgot to mention tiny.

Kiddy was basicly a stupider DK so no.
A lot of people say this, but why call a BABY stupid. In that case, my cousins stupid too. That makes her no less likable.

Dixie was only in two games so goodbye.
If you think that way, so was Diddy.

DK is cool, but he's to fat.
I dont think he's that fat.

Finally, you forgot to mention Swanky and Funky.

I'm not saying your wrong, but if being in more games makes you a better character, the only mario character worth dealing with is Mario.