Who do you want to be playable in the sequel to doubledash?My top 3 are:
If they did make a sequel to Double Dash!! I'd pick... uh, Wart and Tatanga... Can't think of anyone at the moment.
I hope the next Mario Kart is more like Mario Kart DS. After a while of playing MK:DS I decided to try Double Dash after a long while, and it just feels so different. I felt like I had less control over the kart, and it just wasn't as fun.
O-KAY. which characters do you want in the next MARIO KART game than? Sorry I shoudnt have limited it to doubledash. :D
Geez, do you know how confusing the control scheme would get?

I don't mean to sound like a wet blanket, but...think about it.
I think he was kidding.
LOL, no worries, PJ. If a 3-character-per-kart setup DID happen, I'm ure the big N would come up for away for it not to be too stressful on our thumbs.
I really just want to go back to the standard 1 person per kart mode

Although it would be nice if there was different modes like Single Drivers and Double Drivers. Just like MPT.
Id like BOO to be a single kart character. Boo's the best, second to Wario in my book. i'd also like to see Kirby get in there as singled!
Kirby will probably not be in it but who know? Anything goes in the Marioverse.
I really want Magikoopa. He was cut from the original MK64.
Could be could be. Anyone notice that Kamek and Magikoopa look EXACTLY the same? Is there no difference, maybe a gray hair or two?
WarioLoaf said:
HELLO Magikoopa is a species and Kemek is part of that species

Thats not what I meant. I mean is there any PHYSICAL difference between their sprites?