When i went to gamestop i saw that They had the 25th anniversry sitting but nothing was in it i didn't think it was a promotional display. the game doesnt come out till dec 12. may becaue it is for a limited time?
You mean Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition?
It's out since yesterday.
It's really a display. Nintendo never releases their games to any retailer before thier promised release date. But when they come out on December 12, they only have enough for a limited time.
Yes, I'm in Europe.
I already seen it in stores, but I didn't buy it, since it's exactly the same game as the SNES version.
Ooh, it came out yesterday? I might have to check it out, then!
Another shop, maybe?
Or does Finland have USA games (I don't think so)?
How much does shipping costs from Finland to The Netherlands?