Which "online persona" do you fall under?

King Boo

"I'm definitely NOT doing this to help you, Pit."

For me, it's probably Internet Tough Guy.


Monty Mole
Lurker usually; I remember lurking for years at some forums and never signing up. Not sure what I am when I'm not lurking, though; none of the archetypes on there seem to apply, as far as I understand them. They all seem rather attention-seeking in a way, and I'm usually content with people barely noticing I exist. Like an NPC, sort of.


Donkey Kong
Retired Forum Mod
A mild case of Suffers Newbies Poorly and Single Issue Wonk (around here, anyway.)

Garlic Man

Name-change free since 2018
I partially fit several of those, but probably Internet Detective.


Thank you based god
Not really sure which, but I guess Detective because I have a knack for retaining info.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
Where's Tech Support?
I mean, that's what I do in Helpdesk, and some other sites.


King Bowser
Suffers Newbies Poorly, more typically on other sites though. I do recall reading that article ages ago and pretty much going "oh hey this sounds like me".

Honestly, a majority of these tropes are on trollish types rather than the actual components of your typical online community. Pretty disappointing.

a referee

I don't really go into any "label", to be honest.