Whats your favorite boss fights in a videogame? mine are:

KING BOB-BOMB- sure it was easy but very fun.-super mario 64
XALDIN- this is a PS2 only boss, so many of you may not have fought him. very hard.- kingdom hearts 2
ULTIMATE CHAOS- I cant think of anything to say :oops: - sonic adventure DX
which fight in particular?
For the first part your Donkey Kong blasting out of barrels into K. Rool's face. Second part your Diddy using your jetpack to fly up and knock stage lights onto K. Rool's head, all the while he's throwing boomerang boxing gloves at you. Next part your Lanky tricking K. Rool into slipping on giant banana peels by playing an instrument (K. Rool still has a spotlight stuck on his head, he runs toward the sound of the music).

Next your Tiny shrinking down and running into a hole in K. Rool's shoe then shooting his toes. Finally your Chunky generally beating the crap out of an invisible K. Rool. Then theres the hilarious cutscene at the end of the game. Whew, that was long.
Oh yeah I also liked fighting Mouser in super mario advance.
I don't know if this would be considered a boss battle, But my favorite
one is Bowser and Koopa Kid in the Mario Party 7 Bowser minigame:
Bowser's Lovley Lift.
*shudders* That could hardly be counted as a boss fight. All you do is dodge.

If I had to pick a boss fight from the Mario Party series, I'd say MP4.
I remember hearing about an Earthworm Jim boss fight against Bob the Killer Goldfish. It starts all super serious, completely silent with intense close-ups, then it suddenly ends with Jim knocking over Bob's goldfish bowl and leaving him to flail around on the floor as Jim walks away.
I know in Earthworm Jim 2, Jim finds Bob the Goldfish then the word "FIGHT!" appears on the screen. However, instead of fighting, Jim just eats Bob and continues.
Just beat King Boo and Bowsers ghost on Luigis mansion... that was one cool fight. Who is Bongo Bongo?
Wizpig in Diddy Kong Racing.

He's hard, challenging, and almost impossible to beat.
I've wondered this, is Wizpig gigantic or average sized, most of the pictures I see of him show him as being humongous.