Super Mario Battling


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I think a Mario fighting came would be awesome! The characters could have awesome special moves like:
:mario: Mario Finale
:luigi: Thunderbolt
:bowser: Giga Bowser Flame
:yoshi: Super Dragon
:wario: Wario-Man Gas
:waluigi: Thorn Lash
:peach: Peach Blossom(but cooler)
:dk: Konga Beat
:birdo: Random Item Spit(eggs, fireballs, and bombs)
:daisy: Daisy Blossom(like Peach Blossom)
:drmario: Megavitamin Storm
:boo: Boo Army

Sorry if I seem like a noob but I'm a really creative and fanon sort of guy. Scorpion999
Not a bad idea, but I think Super Smash Brothers is the closest we'll ever get to a Mario fighting game.
Who the hell is the mustached Mario looking dude under Daisy?
It be an interesting concept if it was done (even though we have the smash bros. games already). Though a game like this would need more :toad:.