Super Smash Bros. Special Moves

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Got this idea from Paper Jorge's Mii thread; here you can place and think up attacks for characters you want in Super Smash Bros. Brawl; keep the goofing to a minimal though (a minimal, its not abolished completely). So, here's my moveset for King DeDeDe:

King DeDeDe:

B: Sucks up opponent and shoots them out as a star, which hurts other opponents.
B Up: Inflates himself and flies upwards.
B Side: Smashes opponents with his hammer.
B Down: Basicly the same as Bowser and Yoshi's B Downs, including the stars.
Meh. I don't wanna work THAT hard. And this is an exact clone of Jorge's thread.
I don't see how, its purpose is to allow anyone to post whatever movesets they come up with for any random, video game character.
You forgot the "A" moves and "Final Smash".

My Final Smash for King DeDeDe: Comes in his car and starts driving over everyone :D.

B: Shoots fireballs if you tap it, fires a beam of flames/plasma if you hold it in.
B Up: Flies straight upwards, hurting enemies with his beak/snout.
B Side: His tail shoots forward and stabs an opponent.
B Down: Leaps backwards and hits opponent with a powerful gust of wind from his wings while doing so.
I'm gunna have to do it.
B: Pay Day
Left/ Right B: Slash
Final Smash: Meowth's Party, pulls out his guitar and starts to rock. Either would be like DK's final smash, or maybe a stampede of pokemon? I dunno.

Not sure for the down and up b's.
Lucario: Is as Fast as Fox, but slightly different moves.

B: Aura Sphere:Can be charged does not miss has homing capabilities.
>B:Extreme Speed:Same as the Fox Illusion
^B:Hi Jump Kick
vB:Blaze Kick

Final Smash:Focus Blast:Same as Samus' Zero Laster, but it can be moved.
Bowser Jr.

B: Fireball- Chargeable
Right/Left B: Sonic Roar- Shrinking effect like in Charged
Up B: Spike Surge- Sends up 3 spiked shells which damge person hit
Down B: Transform to Shadow Mario

Shadow Mario
B: Goop- Fires slippery goop
Right/Left B: Throw Magic Paintbrush
Up B: Mario's Up B (Forgot Name.)
Down B: Transform to Bowser Jr.

Final Smash: Summon Mecha Bowser- Fires Bullet Bills all to the direction faced when getting Smash Ball.
I'm gonna have to bump this.

Mii (Slightly new moveset!)

Standard Attacks: Boxing Glove Punches

B: Takes out a Wii Zapper and shoots! Similar to Fox's move. (WiiPlay, Shooting)
Side B: Takes out the Billiards (sp?) stick and pokes the person in front. (WiiPlay, Billiards)
Down B: Takes out a Bowling Ball and throws it. (WiiSports, Bowling)
Up B: Floats in a bubble up in the air for a little while, before it pops. (WiiPlay: Pose Mii)

Final Smash:
I have so many ideas!

Tank: Jumps in the tank from WiiPlay and shoots opponents with it.
Mii Parade: All the Miis saved in the Mii Channel, plus pre-made ones, form a parade and stampede across the stage.
UFO Attack: UFOs (WiiPlay) come and start attacking!

Smiddle said:
King Boo said:
All 35 characters revealed. No more speculation.

Well, we can still make stuff up, sir.
Yes we can. You will not get my move set unless you have used a action replay and played as sandbag.


B: bomb omb toss( a bombomb os thrown from sandbags head)
Side B: face slide ( slides face first forward just like after getting hit from homerun contest)
Up B:Explode upward ( a explosion happens under sandbag and he flies upward)
Down B: Transform to brave sandbag (sandbag with ryu band)

Brave sandbag

B side:15 hit combo ( like marth's dolphin dance but easier and with 15 hits)
B UP: Flame uppercut ( jumps up on fire while flipping)
B Down: transform back to sandbag

FS: Bomb omb barrage ( bomb ombs fall from everywhere for 20 seconds)
Luigi (Alt):
Up B: Super Jump
B: Thunder Hand
Side B: Green Missile
Down B: Poltergust 3000
Final Smash: Super Dimentio

Paper Mario:
Up B: Paper Airplane
B: Hammer
Side B: Paper Cut
Down B: Paper Spin
Final Smash: Star Storm

Up B: Teleport
B: Koopa Scepter
Side B: Broomstick
Down B: Koopa Barrier
Final Smash: Giant Kamek

Up B: Teleport
B: Buster Gun
Side B: Charged Buster
Down B: Sliding Kick
Final Smash: Hyper Megaman

Donkey Kong Jr.:
Up B: Vines
B: Apple Throw
Side B: Snapjaw Throw
Down B: Key Smash
Final Smash: Free Donkey Kong

Mario (Alt):
Up B: Cape Feater
B: Fireball
Side B: Mario Kart
Down B: Star Spin
Final Smash: Mega Mario

Sonic (Alt):
Up B: Spin Jump
B: Blue Tornado
Side B: Homing Attack
Down B: Spin Dash
Final Smash: Super Sonic

Up B: Chaos Control
B: Alien Gun
Side B: Homing Attack
Down B: Spin Dash
Final Smash: Chaos Blast
Goblin Tinker
B: Laser - Shoots a laser that damages an enemy.
Smash B: Rocket - Shoots a heat-seeking rocket that stuns an enemy for a very short moment.
Up & B: Jetpack - Uses a jetpack to fly.
Down & B: Hammer - Slams a hammer into the ground causing a target to get stuck there (like DK Smash B)
Final Smash: Pocket Factory - Places a factory on the ground that automatically creates mechanical Clockwerk Goblins that chase enemies and explode.
OMG 3rd party
Dr. Mario

B: pill ( its the same as before)
Side B: Pill rocket ( he jumps on a giant rocket in the shape of a pill that blasts forward before he falls off)
Down B: Virus dance ( viruses jump out of noware and dance around Dr. Mario and iff you hit them they counter attack)
Up B:Tripple jump ( he does the third jump from mario 64 huting anyone who touches him
FS:Pill attack( many MANY pills fall from the sky doing 20 damage each and is undodgable)

Coming soon: Marth