The top 10 worst mario games.

Does anyone have a ROM handy?
Oh. I thought you were talking about Football Football. That would sux.
The screen was all yellow, the rubber on the control stick was off, the control stick was broken and everything was all sticky.

Could've been because I played it on a public burger restaurant...
It did. You could only pick one "Set" of Teammates, then they had the retarded "Bowser Attacks", you could only unlock one team, Super Strikes were next to impossible...
"This is the first Mario Party to have 4 Player, Battle, and 2-vs-2 Mini-games as Duel Mini-games as well."


This game is probably definitely better than 7, 6 and 5.
Totally. There's tons of cool new minigames.

My fave was the one where you use hovercrafts like in Excitetruck.