Cranky/Donkey Kong

Paper Jorge

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According to Rare the Donket Kong featured in the orginal DK arcade game was Cranky Kong and that DK Jr. is the Donkey Kong we know today.

However Nintendo seems to say that the DK we know today is the one in the arcade and that DK Jr. was Donkey Kong's son who hasn't appeared in a lot of years and that Cranky Kong never met Mario.

So this is cofusing. Will Nintendo stick with Cranky Kong being Mario's first enemy or DK being his enemy?
If the whole Cranky is the original Donkey is true, then whose the current Donkey Kong Jr.? Plus wouldn't that mean Cranky is also Baby Donkey Kong?
That wouldn't add up to why Mario was a baby when cranky was one.
If you think about it it's kind of the wrong theroy.
Don't apes progress in age faster than humans? That could allow Cranky to be a baby when Mario was one.
Or the Donkey Kong then was an evil clone. That would explain why he looks different. *For full coverage, ask Paper Jordge. He will understand. I explain in part of our PM war.*
I beleive
DK=DK jr.
As for the age thing, apes grow different from humans. And I think your taking this too seriously anyway. We're arguing the logic of a world where Gorrilas talk and alligators where capes.
The Original Donkey Kong is King Kong. After beaten by Mario he went to Skull island. His son stayed and grew into the DK we know and love now.

End of story
There was this whole thing about the makers of King Kong sueing Donkey Kong in the eighties, Nintendo won the law suit though. On a side note Nintendo named Kirby after they're lawyer in this case.
Universal Studios sued Nintendo for using the name Donkey Kong, an obvious play on the name King Kong, and for similar the similar story between the two. If Universal would have won, Nintendo would have gone bankrupt and the history of video games would have dramatically changed (i.e. maybe there would be no video games today, as Nintendo saved the video game industry after the video game crash of '83 - but that's a different story). Anyways, Nintendo realized that King Kong was not owned by Univesal Studies, but that it was in the public domain (which, ironically, Universal Studies had argued in a previous lawsuit). Nintendo won the casse, and Howard Lincoln (the lead attorney) received a boat from the company named the Donkey Kong.