Will there ever be a Super Mario Bros 4 or Super Mario World 3?


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A cool idea I had for a future Mario game would be called Super Mario Bros 4 or Super Mario World 3. It would be similar to NSMBW. Just an idea that popped into my head, what do you think.


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They already made it and called it Super Mario World.
Did you even see the second part of the thread title? The part that discusses Super Mario World?
The thread title doesn't discuss Super Mario World, it simply mentions the name "Super Mario World 3", which would in no way make the statement incorrect, as the "it" in the quote may refer to the "Super Mario Bros. 4" part, which is what Super Mario World is also known as in Japan.

Anyway, I don't see the point in making more games with a "Super Mario Bros. *number*" or "Super Mario World *number*" title; it's not like the title would improve the games in any way, and the existing SMB and SMW games don't exactly have much to do with one another either way.


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He has a point though, what would one more Mario hurt? nothing. I would buy it, no questions. I would'nt care if I was going poor and broke, I would sell my shoes for a new mario game.