Dreams Can Come True: A Mystery About Super Mario Bros. 2

Paper Jorge

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Mario was sleeping one night and he had a big dream...or nightmare.

He dreamed that he was climbing some stairs. When he got to the top of them he opened a door that was there. He came to a land called Subcon. A voice told him that the evil King Wart was taking over this land, a long with his troops, the 8-Bits Club.

Suddenly Peach, Toad and Luigi came to the dream. Mario, a long with his friends went to defeat the evil King Wart and his army. They succefully defeated all the enemies and that's when Mario woke up.

So that whole adventure was a dream, and all the characters in his dream didn't exist...right? Wrong.

Birdo who first appeared in Mario's dreams, later appeared in the real world. That too with Bob-omb, Ninjis, Shy Guy. But how?

The events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island happen before SMB2. And in that game Shy Guys appear. So Mario could have just remembered the Shy Guys that he faced when he was a baby. But that doesn't explain the Birdos, Ninjis and Bob-ombs and other enemies.

A mystery...
Ahem.. darn!! you beat me to it. but anyway, SMB2 wasnt a dream. It just happened in dream land. and there are different types of bobombs and shyguys. as for birdo... she probably went through an adventure to get to the mushroom kingdom.
Not really, but theres not that much evidence contradicting that it actually did happen either.
I don't know which is better "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom" or "Super Mario Bros. Z", there both pretty awesome.
You know, SMB2 probably coudn't have happened because it wasn't a Mario game in the first place.

And if it was real then Subcon is an actual place, just not in the Mushroom World. And at the very end of the game the subcons could have put the Mario gang in a deep sleep and carried them through a portal to the Mushroom World and made it seem like a dream so that other people wouldn't come to Subcon and ruin it with their pollution on population and stuff.
Mario and pals could have just had their minds sent to Subcon, not their physical body. Also didn't Wart show up in Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which took place in a dream world also.
Yes, the Zelda game did.

But Goombas, Piranha Plants, Chain Chomps and Croco(Yes him!) also appear in Zelda games.
And I heard that there was a poster somewhere in Ocarina of Time with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and a couple others.
Paper Jorge said:
Yes, the Zelda game did.

But Goombas, Piranha Plants, Chain Chomps and Croco(Yes him!) also appear in Zelda games.

Ive heard people say that croco MIGHT have been in it. It might have just been a purple alligator. Ive nevr played the game, but I just wanted to point that out.
The alligator is not in color-no one in the game is.

But the alligator has a hat, and looks like Croco.
People are saying he is just dreaming of stuff he saw as a baby (Yoshi's Island, Topsy-Turvy, Partners in Time, Yoshi's Island 2) but there is one wild card there, Birdo. She (he?) never appeared in a platform/RPG featuring Baby Mario. Don't say they appear in the sports games together either, those have questionable canon.
Maybe, since Baby Mario and the babies got to keep the Time Machine they used it to go to the future to the sports games! That's where Baby Mario remembers Birdo from!

Curse you time travelingz!
I think I have an answer to that somewhere in another thread, about how the Time Machine wouldn't work anymore due to the Time Holes closing.
Here's this: Since SMB2 wasn't originally a Mario game, none of it happened.

All the creatures are real but the events never took place.

Or something like this happened: