Mini Mario!

Which one would you buy?

  • Mini Mario

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  • Mini Toad

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  • Mini Peach

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  • Mini DK

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  • Mini Shy Guy

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  • All!

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  • None.

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King Bowser
Would you buy the Mini Toys? I'd buy them all!
Yeah. Have to agree on that.
Ditto that, but I'd buy them ALL! DUH!
Yeah. But they can't swim. And they're not Fire-Resistant. And,

"They walk! They talk! They say, 'Mama mia!' Each one comes with its own crystal ball. Buy one! Buy them all! Buy them all! Buy them all. . ."
I'd buy them all besides Mini Shy Guy....

I gave my brother to my mom.

Anyway, Mini Snifit sounds PWNsome.

Real bullet shooting action!