Alternate Colors in Mario Tennis?

Hello, I hate to pop in and so suddenly ask questions, but the Wiki states that Mario Tennis has alternate colors

but never state HOW to get them. and for the life of me, cant find them. it states that "One of Donkey Kong Jr.'s alternate color schemes makes him look identical to the Pink Donkey Kong Jr. that appears in Donkey Kong Jr. Math."

I've looked everywhere, but cant find any help for this. can you please explain?

and I apologize if this is out of place.


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From what I can recall, there was a Tiebreak mode where both players could select the same character. Player 2 would get the alt color scheme.

I'm not sure on that, though. I haven't played it in ages.


Thank you based god
If Mario was to face someone else who wears red, that person would wear their alternate color, I guess.

I've never played Tennis, I'm just guessing based on what I've seen from MSC.