Marioverse Battle #4: Popple vs. Raphael the Raven

Who will win? YOU decide!

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Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
I just have a feeling Popple is going to win.

Here are sigs:

If you don't speak Spanish scroll down two posts.

Mario: Hola amigos! Estamos en Mexico. La pelea va a ser aca!

Luigi: Mario habla espanol!?

Mario: Luigi, tu tambien hablas espanol.

Luigi: Y-ah, whatever! I prefer my own language.

Mario: Italiano?

Luigi: Shut up, you fat boy. It's english.

Mario: Esta semana Raphael the Raven va a pelear a Popple!

Luigi: It looks as if you donot understand english...CAYATE!!!!!!!

Mario: Si senor(ita)

So...let's see here. VOTE!

If you did not understand the Spanish Parts then tell me.

Speaking two languages is better!
Just gotta vote Raph, he's huge and his anger problem can cause a lot of damage. Plus Popple kinda weak on his own.
Not when you fight him in Chucklehuck Woods, when he's a lone. He's hard there.

Translation for the dumb:

Mario: (Hello friends! We are in Mexico! The fight will be here!)

Luigi: (Mario you speak spanish?)

Mario: (Luigi, you speak Spanish too)

Luigi: Y-ah, whatever! I prefer my own language.

Mario: (Italian?)

Luigi: Shut up, you fat boy. It's english.

Mario: (This week Raphael the Raven will fight Popple!)

Luigi: It looks as if you donot understand english...(BE QUIET)!!!!!!!

Mario: Yes (wo)man.
I voted for popple. somebody else did to.
Popple is not hard in the Chucklehuck Woods fight. I beat him in two turns!

'Course, I did OD drinks at Starbeans...

And I understood that whole thing, PJ.
Without the translation? Good job Monty! Have a cookie!

OH NO!!!!!! A TIE!!!!!


Mmm. Cookie...

Don't feel bad, Sir Grodus. It is another language. I mean, I'm in Spanish 3.

Man, lot of ties, huh?
I...why did you have to show that picture Monty? WHY!?!?

Now I'm hungry.

Here Sir Grodus have a piece of chocolate for trying to understand.
Uh, I did understand what it said, I put the sad smily because it was another tie... Am I still gonna get chocolate?
Where is everyone? Anyway, Raphael wins if you look at the poll.

Go to the Official Marioverse Topic so you can decide who fights next.


Mario (wearing a sombrero): Want some tacos, Luigi?

Luigi: Shut up, I want to see Popple fight Raphael.



Popple: You seriously think you can defeat me? Not a chance!

Mario: Look Popple starts throwing bombs at Rapha!

Luigi: And Raphael is getting mad...

Raphael: I AM ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWR!!!!!!

Mario: Raphael jumps on Popple making him a pancake!

Popple: Didn't...hurt...

Mario: 1....2...3...Raphael wins!!!

Popple: Am I still getting paid for this?


And again, bye!