Shigeru Miyamoto creating a new character

Rad Dudesman

King Bowser

Sounds like the new character's series will have something to do with swimming.
I was more interested in the Pikmin news.
A new character? Who cares, he already designed dozen of...

I was more interested in the Pikmin news.

Uh? *goes checking*

ohyes oh yes oh yes oh yes OH YES
Just the fact that it is vaguely close to being finished is good enough for me.
While I agree it might have to do with swimming literally, maybe it'll have to do with the properties of water...or water will be important somehow.

Also, it might have to do with helping others or something.
Junior Troopa said:
I hop it's a new pikmin game! i've heard of the pikmin wii game, but it just has new controls.
His new character is not going to be in a Pikmin game hence the word "new".
Junior Troopa said:
Mature as in M-rated by teh ERSB, or mature as in adult age?

By Mature, I mean more of an Adult character. Not a violent shooter game, just an Adult character for teen games.