Nintendo should sue Microsoft


Koopa Troopa
Nintom64 said:
sony thinks everyone is stupid, EVERYONE KNOW THAT THE MOVE IS JUST A RIP OF OF THE WII, sony has so much money, they dont care if anyone sues them
Well Sony can't get sued for trying out motion control stuff, Nintendo didn't trademark it or anything. But the Move is a rip-off to get cause you have to get the Eye thing Sony had (forgot what it's called) for the move to work.

Besides the controller looks really weird with that ball, unless it has a purpose it looks really dumb. But it beats Microsoft for at least having a controller. But you gotta give kudos to MS for trying out the no controller thing even if it makes you look stupid sometimes, it's better than just releasing another motion controller with no real twist like Sony's doing.


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I'm in favor of Nintendo but I'm completely over this already. Who's in favor of locking this thread, say I (and say which company your in favor of)

Nerdy Guy

It's not really necessary to lock it. We can just let it die on it's own.