Nostalgia (no, not those videos of the critic)


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Please tell what do you recently miss...

I miss playing Super Mario 64... good times.
I'm not nostalgic about anything because I never stop doing anything. I still play though Super Mario 64 every now and again, I still watch Pokemon every now again, and I still act like a whiny little brat every now and again.
I wish I could still enjoy crap tie-in games.
Dude, it wasn't even six months ago.
The days when a certain forum+chat I frequented was really active. It's still alive and enjoyable, but it's not as fun and probably will never be, since replicating the "good ol' days" anywhere is pretty much impossible. Ah well.
I miss my old kindergarten through 8th grade school. I went there for nine years, obviously, and it was a great place. Especially in 8th grade, I had a lot of really fun times at that school, and around it. There were a lot of really nice people there, too, and I especially miss them. I've been in high school for a year now, but once in a while I still miss my old school a little bit.
I miss playing TTYD. I can still play it, but it doesn't have the novelty of playing through the first time.
First playing Super Smash Bros. Awesome days.