Enemies that could be in the Mario & Luigi series


Dry Bowser
Retired Wiki Staff
I had an interesting thought while listening to the Bros. battle music in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I was picturing Chargin' Chucks fighting the Mario Bros., and it all seemed the make sense. All the the Chargin' Chucks moves seem to fit perfectly for battle in the Mario & Luigi games! Here's how I see it:

-Their main attack could be charging into one of the Bros. Mario/Luigi must jump to avoid the attack.
-Another attack could involve the Chargin' Chuck jump toward one of the Bros. When he gets close enough to one of them, he could kick them or something. Mario/Luigi have to hit him with a hammer to make him back off.
-Yet another attack can involve throwing baseballs. Like in Super Mario World, he sometimes jumps then throws the ball, so Mario/Luigi have to time their jumps so they don't get hit by the balls.
-This one attack I just thought of, in order to incorporate all of Chargin' Chucks moves into the game: Chargin' Chuck digs up rocks to toss at one of the Bros. He can do this several times in a row. Once again, Mario/Luigi use a hammer to make such the rocks don't hit them.
-This one attack I thought of requires two Chargin' Chucks. One of the Chargin' Chucks places a football in from of the other, and the other Chargin' Chuck kicks it. Mario/Luigi jump to avoid them. The catch is that sometimes the ball is placed sideways, causing it to bounce right over Mario/Luigi, don't jump in these cases.

Again, this was just a thought that passed by my head, and I felt like sharing it. Anyone else have ideas for Mario & Luigi enemies?