The very official 'nay" thread.



Life is not cool. Let's post our emo crap here.

Nay! I missed 3D! Nay!
all my topics are locked! nay!
I'm going back to school in a month! Nay!
I hate camping. Nay!
From: Max2
To: Moogle
Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:14 pm
Subject: Re: Topic derailment
ZOMG this is why I hate you.

I get yelled at because I have a different opinion! Nay!
I have homework! NAY!

I love school! Umm...YAY!

EDIT: OMG, please don't hate me.
I think it's better to say nay to the fact that you have homework, and not hate.

I don't have, though.

SSBB's probably getting delayed! Nay!