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Hammer Bro.
hey, in another forum, I got these scans for mario galaxy, and they look very good

there's the first time were WII can kick a magikoopa's butt in 3D style and you can see a clear image of boo mario, coments here
Now Super Mario Galaxy looks even better.

EDIT:Never mind what I said.
Well Bee Mario looks retarded, and Boo mario was a great idea he just looks goofy. Brawl will pwn this IMO. I'm not interested.
This game will be so awesome. Seems more faithful to past Mario games than SM64 or Sunshine. Honestly, MAGIKOOPA. These scans are FTW.
the only thing that left is if kamek will appear, I wish so, because he's a great character and need a new look, because he look exactly alike a normal magikoopa. is not a bad idea the apareance of the eight koopalings and king boo!!!!!!!! giga bowser, cadidate for final boss!!!!! giga bowser rulezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah, I dream too much)
I read the latest issue of Nintendo Power and whoo, this game is gonna be awesome. Except for Bumblebee Mario. That costume... was....

I want it so badlynes!!!!!!!!

It looks PWNSOME! I can't believe they made 6 WHOLE GALAXIES!!!!! I was suprised when I thought there was ONE! Imagine how huge that shall be!!!!!