Marioverse Battle #3: Raphael the Raven vs. Yoob

Who will win? WHO!?

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Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
It's here! Sorry for the long wait, but it's here.

Thanks Spike for suggesting Raphael the Raven. :wink: :wink:


Mario and his dumb brother who goes by the name Luigi are seen in the beach. A Lakitu is filming them with a camera.

Mario: Hello, we are in Hawaii, the battle this week will take place in Hawaii 8) ! Isn't that cool 8) ?

Luigi: Yeah, how did we end up in the real world anyway?

Mario: Ask Paper Jorge that 8) .

Luigi: Where is Raphael the Raven and Yoob anyway?

Mario: On a plane. They will get here soon. 8)

-Meanwhile----On the plane Raphael the Raven and Yoob are on---------

Pilot: Oh no! The place is falling down! We won't make it to Hawaii and you guys won't be able to battle!

Raphael the Raven: Good. I won't get hurt by this fat Yoshi.

Yoob: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

---The plane where Yoob and Raphael the Raven are on crashes in the water...what will happen?----------------------------------------------------

Yeah, even if they fell, vote.
I've been meaning to ask this, are the battles just Marioverse characters or can Extended Marioverse characters join in the fray (example: K. Rool vs Bowser), if not maybe every ten battles we can have a guest character or something.
OH NOEZ! Another tie!
The Extened Marioverse CAN fight.

Oh no, not another tie! VOTE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raphael is winning!


It seems like this topic is not as good as my other ones.
My last two topics were better than this one.

Fight is today folks! Since I don't have school today!

Come on we don't want Raphael to we?

8) See ya at the fight 8)

Go there and get the sigs I made, if you like these battles!

Battle in five hours!
There's the link two posts above. Go up and click there. There's the code. Put the code in your profile where it says "Signature". And there.

Just kidding about that. Battle was coming anyway, even if no one put the sig on.

Mario: Here we are again in Hawaii! 8)

Luigi: Mario...look what it says in the news!

Newspaper: The plane where Raphael and Yoob where has fallen in the water, meaning no battle this week. How sad.

Mario: WHAT!?!? :evil: :evil:

Yoob: Here I am fools! I fell in the water, hower I got here by swimming! And since Raphael is not here I win!

Mario: We have a winner!

Raphael: NOT SO FAST!

(Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Final Boss Music (Elder Shroob) Music Plays)

Mario: Yoob jumps up and is about to land on Raphael! What are you going to do?

Raphael: Avoid.

Luigi: Raphael moves out of the way and Yoob falls down on the ground breaking his back!

Yoob: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Mario: Oh! Yoob kicks Raphael!

Luigi: Raphael gets angry (red), jumps on Yoob's shoe and-

Yoob: (&&&$%^%$%(^&%$^%^(*^&%%^&& (OH MY LITTLE FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Mario: And Yoob is down!

Luigi: Great job Raphael! You win!

Yoob: I'm...not...defeated...y-oh forget it I give up.


There's the battle!
You should really do these tournament sytyle though
Ah, tournament style will be in Season 2.

And an HP system will be in the Final of the Finals.