Which episodes of SBCG4AP (if any) should I get?

Be aware that I can only afford two, so I set the poll so youcan vot for 2 options.

  • Strong Badia the Free

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  • Baddest of the Bands

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  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

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  • None

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Jesus Freak

King Bowser
I get my allowance tomorrow, and I'm thinking about using some of that money to get SBCG4AP (my parents would use the money to download it via WiiWare, and that money would be deducted from the actual cash that I get). Problem is, I don't know which episode to get, or even if I should get it at all. I have enough money to buy 2, so you can vote for up to 2 options. ;)
Thanks. :)

I'll wait for more people to vote (and I put the poll on another forum, too, so that should help) before I made my decision.
Mega Man 10

I suggest starting with the first one.
I haven't played any of them. But since this is a point 'n' click game, playing the episodes in order to get the sub-plots and continuity jokes seems to be the best option.
I suggest you start with Homestar Ruiner, then continue from that point. They go in chronological order.
Thanks, guys.

I decided to get Homestar Ruiner. :)
I got it a while ago and completely forgot about this thread. It was fun. ;D