Who's your favorite Kong?

Who's your fav Kong?

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Starry Eyed.
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I think that's all of them, let me know if I missed someone.

My fav is Dixie. Diddy close behind.
Donkey is my favorite. Because if he shoots ya with his coconut gun, it's gonna hurt, he's bigger, faster, and stronger too, not to mention he's the first member of the DK crew.
You're missing Funky Kong and Swanky Kong.

I like Funky Kong because he's got a cool style, but I also like Donkey Kong for pretty much all the reasons Marcelagus said.
I voted for Donkey Kong. He's always been my favorite of the Kong Family, and the fact that he wasn't playable in Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3, was the only thing I didn't like about those two. Also, I wish that more than one vote was allowed in this poll.
Punk said:

Anybody who grew up in the late 80s and/or early 90s is Cranky.
Gah, how could I forget about him? Cranky was always awesome. :P
Lyra said:
I'd say Chunky. He's one hell of a guy.

Hey! That's my line! :mad:
My Top 5 Kong characters:

1. Diddy Kong
2. Donkey Kong
3. Dixie Kong
4. Chunky Kong
5. Tiny Kong