What's the weather like where you are?

Aiko Heiwa

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it's hot

it's 75 degrees but feels like 90. >___>

i have the windows open and the air is on
Bad. I'm playing an infinite loop of the song of storms.
Rain! Rain! Come and stay!

... That's what I want. I wonder what it's like in places like Nevada now...
It's a pretty nice day today. It's about 68 degrees, slightly cloudy, and there's about 5mph winds. Such a nice break from the snowstorm we had a few days ago. :P
It's pretty gloomy right now, yet also rather warm.
Not too hot, but hot enough to overheat my computer. Grrrr.
It's too sunny. I can't see my computer screen properly.
It was really hot the first half of day and then it started pouring. Weird.
It was borderline fine today. However, it was sort of chilly...

Especially during this morning.