The MarioWikier Map


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Can you give a more exact location, and you don't have any sprites, do you

Sorry, the question mark on my keyboard doesn't work.
Smiddle said:
Hi everybody. I want to do a world map with all us wiki users, just for fun. To begin, I've added myself in south Sweden.

If you want to be on it, tell me what land and country you live in.
Let's hope that the US doesn't get too crowded.

Your heaD'S ON THERE lol
I added my self to, I am the only on the Map so far south
Hm... to add or not to add... not. To stupid.
He doesn't want to add himself to the map for he believes the concept of it is "too stupid". I probably won't add myself, either, because I don't want to reveal my exact location. I'm not afraid to say I'm in Ohio, though.
And parental unitz. Don't forget those things.