Donkey Kong Jungle Beat


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((I searched and didn't find a topic like this, so here it is.))

Has anyone played this game?

I'm playing the Wii version, myself, and it's a fun little game. It's reminiscent of the Donkey Kong Country games, only without the Kongs or Kremlings. Just Donkey Kong and a new cast of Animal Buddies, monkeys, and bad guys.

But then again, the story of this game involves an evil group of baddies stealing the bananas from different kingdoms, not on DK Isle (as far as I know), so it kind of makes sense that no other Donkey Kong Country characters would be in it.

Still, if they were ever to make a sequel to this game, I'd LOVE to see it with other Donkey Kong characters, that would be sweet!

As for the gameplay itself, it's just a basic platformer, with Donkey Kong's basic attack being a clap. He can also Hand Slap, like in the original Donkey Kong Country and Super Smash Bros. In the Wii version, you collect bananas as you go through a stage, and if you collect enough of them you get crests.

The bosses are cool, too, especially the fights against the evil Kongs. Seriously, if any characters were to return in other games, I want it to be these guys!


I say that because, aside from seeing some evil members of the "Kong clan", their fights play like something out of Punch-Out!!; dodge their attacks, then attack them while they're stunned. Pure awesome!

One last thing: the team that did this also made Super Mario Galaxy (as well as Flipnote Studios), AND the team that's making Super Mario Galaxy 2. In fact, the white monkeys in this game (called Party Monkeys) were going to be in Super Mario Galaxy, but didn't make the cut. Maybe they'll be in the sequel!
I've never played the game but I've seen gameplay and it seems fun enough.
It´s one of the best DK games. I played it´s Gamecube version, and, as contrary to mere ports as I am, I think that the Wii version even ADDS to the fun by introducing a few new gimmicks in the levels and certain gameplay elements like a life system (in the oriignal DKJB, you had infinite lives, although it wasn´t that easy because there weren´t any checkpoints).

This and DK Jungle Climber are my favourite DK games, apart from the holy DKC trilogy.