Ideas for Animal Buddies

Sir Grodus

King Bowser
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As the name implies, make up your own Animal Buddies and post the ideas here. My idea was maybe some kind of big hermitcrab named Helmut (its German, I think) that protected the Kongs from any attack, but he can only defend, not fight; he could be used on land and maybe underwater.
Or how about a turtle? You could maybe use him to surf across water or lava and stuff; you could maybe use him as a shield against attacks as well, like the hermitcrab I mentioned.
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My idea would be a Warhog buddy. He could use his horns to pick thing and throw them, sure, it don't make sence, but hey, it's fun! He could also run very fast. His name would be errrrrr... Barney.

What about a boo called 'Scream'? He would scare enmies to parylize and let DK beat them up?

Hmm... let's see here...

Some kinda dinosaur would be really cool... one that could pound the ground and bash items and paralyze enemies...
Penny the Penguin. he could break ice blocks, slide up steep icy slopes. another advantage of breaking through ice is you could break through the ice over a lake and then he could swim when he get through the ice and could swim in other bodies of water too.