What websites are in your bookmarks bar/do you visit the most?

Aiko Heiwa

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Well in my bookmarks bar I've got Facebook, Twitter, ImageShack, YouTube, Pokemon Elite 2000 Sprite Resource, MyLifeisAverage, and Nooooooooooooooo!.

As for my most visited sites, I'd say BmgF, here, Userpedia, Facebook, and Pokemon Elite 2000 Sprite Resource. And Nooooooooooooooo!


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What's a bookmarks bar? I mean, I have bookmarks, and I could put them in a bar if I wanted... But I don't have a bookmarks bar, and I'm not about to distribute the names and/or links to half of the stuff I have bookmarked, and that probably goes double for the websites I visit most often. If I really need an answer to be able to waste space in this thread, though, the websites I visit most often are probably here, Userpedia, Hulu, and Help:Chat.


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This place, Wikia and any other Wikis, two other froums, and YouTube.

Wait, that's more like most of my browsing history...


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Here, Metroid Metal, The Mega Man Network, ScrewAttack, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, YouTube, Club Nintendo, Photobucket, and my school's website.

Stooben Rooben

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Google, MarioWiki, these forums, Xephyr, Userpedia:Chat, Wikipedia, YouTube, Cracked, Gamespot, and the Spriters Resource.

Jesus Freak

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A site that has the local weather
The login page for my online school curriculum
Some Mary Sue Litmus test I don't even use
An LOLcats site
A baby names site (I used to do alot of writing, but, for some reason, I kept it)
The site fore my local library
Spriters Resource
BIS official website
Hex Code color generator
Userpedia forum
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner RSS feed
Mystery Google

Stuff I actually visit:
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner Wiki Forum
The login page for my online school curriculum

Garlic Man

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Here, Mario Wiki, NIWA forums, Facebook, Youtube, NFL.com, xkcd, some others.


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i don't really bookmark general websites but rather parts of websites for later use (such as subreddits, porn, google docs, a place where i can download any wii vc game i want for free as a wad file, cool features etc.)

oh and http://mirrors.rit.edu/instantCSI/


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Sif you don't incognito tab your filthy habits like Google docs

I use bookmarks to record stuff I glance over but want to check more thoroughly later. Right now I've got some forms from the Australian / Japan embassy, as well as some apartment listings in Melbourne. Tfw adulting

Most used sites are Facebook, Ozbargain and here

Ray Trace

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scienceblogs/respectful insolence
rvlution (before it got shut down)
spriter's resource/model's resource
valve developer wiki