The Thread centered around Wario


Seems so long ago.
Man, we haven't had much topics related to him in the past months.

Anyway, I'm sure I've played either Wario Land II or 4 before. However, since I was so young I barely progressed through the game.
I enjoy the WarioWare series. WarioWare Smooth Moves was my favorite, but I don't have the original.

Master of Disguise rocks as well.
The first WarioLand game is one of the best handheld games ever.
Has anyone played Wario Land: Shake It!?
I did. It´s awesome (still completing the secret stages). My only complain is that sometimes it relies a bit too much on memorization. Some trial and error I can bear with it, but having to memorize entire sections to know them beforehand because you can´t predict some reactions which will most probably block the road to the treasure (meaning that at least one mistake is mandatory) is bulls***. Thankfully, this only happens in certain stages and it never reaches frustrating memorization levels (cough fire emblem games cough).

Other than that, the game is awesome.