Make an excuse for losing in the above video game.


Seems so long ago.
Yeah, this is like another thread, but I want to be more sepcific...

Super Mario Bros.
1) I was distracted by the fact that Lario ripped-off JF.
The SGs are hackers.

Super Metriod (Should be easy)
Mother Brain killed me as I noticed a penny on the floor of my bedroom.

Donkey Kong Country
I think Donkey Kong at a little TOO many bananas.

LOZ: Wind Waker
Sucking at Contra.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
I just said, *bleep* stacking things and died.

Ninjabread Man
I had to use the bathroom really bad and i forgot to pause my game, and a group of goombas ambushed me.

SSBB (Super Smash Brothers Brawl.)
No energy tanks, No continues, too short of a game, and one of the hardest games in history.

Dr. Mario 64

(Edit: and also no passwords.)