Random Question, Random Answer


i cant move...i am hungry D:
Ok this game is called RANDOM QUESTION...RANDOM ANSWER
the point of this game is to make a random question...and someone needs to reply the question and make another question...for example:

:mario::immah go first...so i dont answer...here is the question: Who stolled my waffles?

:luigi:: a blue goomba with waffle hat did...here is my question...Who destroyed my wii?

:bowser::mario did...who created the pancakes?

and that is the point of the game...make a question...and wait another user to reply it...the one that replied the question needs to make ANOTHER question...and a user needs to reply it and that is the chain...

Who Killed Mr Toad "Furby" Fernando III?

Why come Shakespeare is so awesome?
He bought Uncle Magic's magic hankercheif.

What is love?
There was a wicked party there last night.

Where can I get a new hat?
4 years

How come Awesometa is not responding to my left over questions for User Brawl?